Saturday, January 24, 2009

SPCA Saturday (the Relentlessly Huge Version)

Yo! This is Roscoe P. Neo here! I got tutored this week but then I got kennel cough so I'm not yet up for adoption but I COULD BE A FOSTER, WALLY'S PEEPS! So I am going to host some SPCA Saturday, dudes!

Look! It is another Relentlessly Huge, a Boo Mastiff! He's a little bit littler than me but he pulled over the lady cuz dude can PULL! Way to go, Boo!

Yo Charlie! This is a Pug/Terrier mix. Awesome, eh?

Here's Jax! Dude's one high energy beagle.

This is a goofy lady who is like a hound/jack mix. She likes to JUMP!

And this is BEAST which is a hi-larious name because he is a total puffball and he was kissing on my LADY. ASMOOCHASMOOCHA!

OMD! It's another Charlie. This one likes to run. And he loves him some toys.

This is Rex who will probably be gone by the end of the day because he is a loverly Golden Retriever mix.
Ace! He's a really nice pit who likes to play and sit in laps. That's livin'!

Oh and who is this handsome devil?

And now it is time for a FLOOGER FLINGING contest!




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Thursday, January 22, 2009


I haven't been blogging because I blogged like all day on Tuesday on my Pawlitical blog because I was so excited to see my new moms-to-be on the TV.

And to keep up the optimism, here's a great story from the Big Apple, home to ASTA! They're doing amazingly well in making NYC a no-kill city like San Fran!

The euthanasia rate for stray and abandoned cats and dogs that are taken to New York City’s animal shelters has steadily fallen to a projected 38 percent for 2008, down from 74 percent in 2002, giving advocates for animals hope that they will be able to meet an announced goal of bringing the rate to zero by 2015.

Apropos of nothing, here I am eating a bone:

Also my friend Narra sent me this article from Slate about the most disloyal dog breeds. It was measured by attachment to owner and dislike of strangers. Narra and I ROCK on the loyalty scale because we are total snobs and tend to dislike (or in Narra's case ignore with extreme prejudice) strangers or even people that we see all the time who try to bribe us with snacks and we are mama's boys and daddy's girls, respectively.

On the other hand, my ma ape scores VERY low on the loyalty scale not only because she clearly neglects me but also because she obviously has been gettin' around:

I'm afraid my ma ape might be with Neo.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Ditzy Dogs

My bud Tuchuck sent me this article about how purebred dogs are getting dumber when they're being bred for looks and not brains.

Scientists in Sweden have found strong evidence that breeding for appearance has led to a decline in intelligence. Report author Kenth Svartberg, an ethologist from Stockholm University, said the changes had happened over the course of just a few generations. "Modern breeding practices are affecting the behaviour and mental abilities of pedigree breeds as well as their physical features," he said.

I am inclined to believe this given that we have two mutts and one purebred in our house and only one is properly called a Himbo:

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How to Make a Shepherd Pretzel.

I would like to give you my recipe for Shepherd Pretzel.


2 Peppy Sheppys
1 Case of Cabin Fever
10 Minutes in Outside
1 Corgador Observer

Preheat outdoors to 26 degrees F.

Begin the pretzel by having the Super Teen mix things up with his paw.

Follow up with vigorous kneading with teeth.

Wrap one Shep around the other.

When completely entangled your pretzel is done.

Sink your teethers in.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009


NOOOO! In spite of Joe's valiant efforts to help the Eagles by kidnapping the Cardi-nots' cheerleaders, my Iggles fell short of the Super Bowl. This is the face of a disappointed dog.

I did all I could. Last week I had some Giant Bones for when the Iggles played the NY Giants and it WORKED!

And this week we had Cardi-not bones. (As you can see they are a sizeable bird.)

I even taught the Iggles QB Donovan McNabb to roach.

And he brought the Iggles back in the second half but we STILL lost. Sigh. I will need extra snacks to forget my sadness. E-A-G-L-E-S IGGLES!

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SPCA Saturday!

After missing last week there are LOADS of dogs at the SPCA so I'm going to let Ms. Angel (you remember her? Some jerkazoids threw her out of a car. Phhhbt) take over:

Hi guys! I'm still a little scared but my coat is coming back nicely and I let peoples pet me now! Unfortunately Mr. Derrick (Big Red II) is still here but he hurt his footsie so he can't come out and play.

This is Stitch and he likes tugging. Too much, maybe. He always likes to steal toys and pull on his leash and when he puts things in his mouth it is NOT GOING TO COME OUT.

This is Sylvia and she had babies recently. She looks scared here but she's really not. She LOVES getting pets and seems especially fond of ladies.

This is DIAMOND who loves him some zoomies.

Missie! She's a Rottweiler who is good with peoples but not really with other dogs.

Meet Stacks! He has an owie above his eye because he REALLY doesn't like being in his cage. He does like being in the outside and playing with peoples.

This is Ms. Lizzie! She had a tumor removed. This is a good angle for her because she's a little chubster but she's quite nice and was quiet until she had to go back in her cage and then she BAAAAAYED like a good lil' beagle.

Oh noes! Here is our resident elephant.

He is one BIG dude. I would like him to be my bodyguard but he's goofy and playful even though he looks big and tuff.

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