Saturday, December 04, 2010

The End of an Era!

Lil' Red is warming up his vocal cords.

And I am licking my chops in anticipation.

Yes, the day has FINALLY arrived. The LAST Nebraska/Oklahoma game is tonight! And as an older fellow I am quite fond of HISTORY and OU/NU is an historical rivalry!

But this game also has a great deal of pawsonal meaning for me as my best brindle gal, Mayzie, is on the wrong side on this one!

We are Montagues and Capulets! Torn apart by our loyalty to our Red Families!

And to think, Mayzie, you are siding with the Boomer Sooners instead of this depawaire gentleman in his best Husker prep wear! Well, after tonight the Big 12 will be no more and we can go back to be bestie brindle buds. But tonight GO BIG RED!!!!!

And now some happy memories from the past:

Go Huskers! Do it for Wally!

*Ma ape says I must apologize for using so many exclamation points because I am not Friedrich Nietzsche. But I am just! so! excited! I haven't snored this loud in ages!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am Awesome Sauce!

I have not gotten to blogerate by myself in forever and that means I have not gotten to remind you how awesome it is to be a Super Teen!

Ma ape said that now that I am a big brudder and three and a half years old that maybe it is time for me to GROW UP and be a better influence on my baby brudder.

I say maybe you should not have named me after a book character who REFUSED TO GROW UP!

Here's a song dedicated to ME! JAM OUT!

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