Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Papa was a Rodeo

Do these look like three dogs up to NO GOOD? You would be CORRECT!

That guilty look on the sheppy face can mean only one thing--she-nanigans and he-nanigans afoot! Oh yes. We entered Stage Five of Project Ma Ape's Heart Attack. This morning she was diligently packing and moving things and carrying them to the car. Then she was going to mow the lawn, dogs happily inside in the AC.

And she's mowing mowing mowing when she sees PEPPY SHEPPYS IN THE BACKYARD! She looks! Back door is shut! Which means the FRONT DOOR was pried OPEN by nefarious noses and dogs were SPILLING INTO THE STREET. Or, rather, taking advantage of their new found freedom to run into....their own backyard!

Here is my ma ape's actual reaction:

One dog was extra special good. Well, so it seemed. The ma ape found me just chillin' in the open doorway. She thought I was being extra good but really I was just waiting for the Senior Citizen's Affordable Taxi (S.C.A.T. CAB! Yes, they actually call it that) to carry me off on adventures!
Oh yes, we are rambling men. And if I hadn't been caught I would be long gone. No really. Here's one of my favorite songs about the wandering life:

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Important Day!

I found out something VERY IMPORTANT from The Brat Pack. August 12th is Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet day! Here are some pets that qualify:

1) Seniors
2) FIV+ cats
3) Pit Boos
4) Big Black Dogs
5) Special Needs Dogs

This is a very meaningful day for me and my ma ape. See, I was one of those dogs! (I have never been an FIV+ cat, though). I was listed as a senior, I had a terrible Petfinder pho-to, I had a host of health issues, I was black and fairly large. And my rescue thought I'd be a "lifer" there because no one had even inquired about me. And then I found my ape! And it turns out I am the PLATONIC FORM for PERFECT DOG. My sissy Ethel was hyper, black, high-strung, and had already been returned once. My brudder was big, black, and had some guarding/cage issues. And they turned out....not bad.

My ma ape can always tell the dogs that are not going to be there next week, the purebreds, the small dogs, the puppies. But then there are the ones who are there a long time. Pitties (and if she had a dollar for every time someone came out of the kennel and said "Whew--a lot of pit bulls, huh?" she could adopt 'em all), big dogs, the oldies. So she wants to promote this for the SPCA for some of her favorites that are still there---Regina, Mal & Nina, Chase, Lionel, Baby, Shyanne, CoaCoa with Arfritis...

There's a home for everybody! Now let's get out there and find them! Who knows--you could find a Wally in the Rough!

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Some things on Sunday

This has been a sad weekend all around. Dogs With Blogs lost its most storied member, Charlie. He was a really special dog and his people, Brooke and Greg, took amazing care of him including getting him a bionic heart (pacemaker) and getting him the best medical care. And, of course, they had the best medicine--love--for him aplenty. Even though put up a gruff front, I know his brudder Opy is sad, too.

So I thought I should really do my best to honor Charlie with the gift he gave to all of us--DWB! And I wanted to start by lightening the mood a bit. ROACHING! (Also my ma ape says you can see my age here cuz my belly has gone grey first, especially around the naughty bits. I'm a silver foxy!)

OK, and my ma ape has gotten behind on SPCA Saturdays even though she's been going every week to take pho-tos and walk the dogaboos. So here's a sampling of some of her faves.

This is Baby Girl, a Rottie who scared my ma ape at first but is actually a big softie.

And Snowflake who got adopterated! Right after he got her picture taken!

And you remember Hercules, now with more flooger flingin'!

And he does love his toys.
And ole Ruby Pitlet.

She got to play with the ma ape last weekend but this week she had to have her tail removed because she broke it in her kennel. Poor girl! (No, ma ape, you still may not have her.)

And here's Ty who lives near the SPCA with the lady who manages it! He is learning to skateboard. He was an owner turn-in because the former owner thought he was aggressive. Mostly he's just silly.

OK, and now the reason we're so far behind. My ma ape has been busy getting more gauges and buying me a NEW HOUSE. And pretty soon we get to move in. She will have better pictures soon but we have only been to the new house one time and it was so exciting we didn't stop movingmovingmoving and three dogs clickclickclicking on hardwood floors and screaming (ok, that was just one naughty sheppy) was sort of overwhelming in an empty house.

Here I am in the living room.

And my fave, the kitchen. Right underneath the ceiling fan.

And here's my walk-in closet.

Peppy sheppys in the yard.

Oscas in the hostas.

And you can't really tell what they're doing but the peppy sheppys are claiming their territory (Oscar is doing #1 and Ethel #2.)
It has been a week of sad endings and new beginnings. I will bring you more photos of SPCA buds, some more of me in my new digs, and--I hope--nothing but good news.

We miss you Charlie.

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