Friday, February 10, 2006

dog news

lots of dogs made this news this week:

in public transportation news, a dog gets discriminated against on an amsterdam tram while in macedonia some dogs did some air traffic control work uninvited. they should unionize.

and, in unsurprising news, dogs are better moms than britney spears.

fear or desire?

the salon article "manimal magnetism" discusses the recent invasion by animal-human hybrids in television nightmares.

two points: 1) you are animals, stupid naked apes 2) you know you want to be us.

happy birday onkel eric!

here's a picture of me thinking about you on your birthday with my other favorite ape, my beheaded gorgilla (don't worry, my sister ethel beheaded it and your head is in no such peril.)

hope you had a good one with an abundance of tasty snacks, belly rubs, and cold drinks.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

good naked apes

according to the washington post puppy bowl II was a big hit. most notably, as many people are interested in watching the puppies as the state of the union (the puppies could probably come closer to making a balanced and reasonable budget, too. seriously, i'd trust the goddamn kitties more than those guys):

"Puppy Bowl II." The Super Bowl was up 5.4 percent in the ratings compared with last year. But this year's Puppy Bowl telecast from 6 to 9 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday, featuring 22 puppies at the Animal Planet Stadium in downtown Silver Spring, jumped 23 percent compared with last year, owing no doubt to the many improvements this year, including the Bowl Cam view of drinking players from a clear-bottom water bowl. Puppy Bowl was telecast three times on Sunday. At its height, its average audience of 690,000 nearly equaled MSNBC's 707,000 for the State of the Union address last week. Across its many replays last year, about 5 million people sampled Puppy Bowl. This year? You do the math. No, seriously, you do the math.

Monday, February 06, 2006

from squeelers to stealers

this article in slate talks about the refin' at the stupor bowl. i stole the 'stealers' pun from from here.

i promise not to complain about the refin' any more (unless i see more good puns. i'm a sucker for the word play) and will allow mr. glenn and my onkel eric to enjoy their victory.

i have more important things to do, like dreaming about my burpday presents (you did remember to start your shopping, right? 16 days left!)

good night betty

i'm a big fan of the strong ladies so i was sad to hear this weekend that betty friedan, author of the feminine mystique and a found of the national organization for women, died.

my poor 'hawks

well, the steelers won with a little help from their 12th man in black and white. you'll note in my ref impression i don't have both eyes closed. gotta keep one eye open to figure out how to screw the seahawks. and look! michael smith of espn agrees with me. but we 'hawks fans have waited (almost) 30 years (and not even dog years!) to get to the stupor bowl so we can wait a little longer for our inevitable triumph.

and on the plus side, at least rick santorum isn't our senator!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

ref impression

here's my best impression of the stupor bowl refs.

go 'hawks!

super bowl nerves

here i am blowing off some steam pre-super bowl with my foot long bully stick. i'm pretending it's ben roethlisberger's leg.


my sister ethel is busted on film watching the kitty halftime show during the puppy bowl. for shame, ethel, for shame.