Wednesday, February 08, 2006

good naked apes

according to the washington post puppy bowl II was a big hit. most notably, as many people are interested in watching the puppies as the state of the union (the puppies could probably come closer to making a balanced and reasonable budget, too. seriously, i'd trust the goddamn kitties more than those guys):

"Puppy Bowl II." The Super Bowl was up 5.4 percent in the ratings compared with last year. But this year's Puppy Bowl telecast from 6 to 9 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday, featuring 22 puppies at the Animal Planet Stadium in downtown Silver Spring, jumped 23 percent compared with last year, owing no doubt to the many improvements this year, including the Bowl Cam view of drinking players from a clear-bottom water bowl. Puppy Bowl was telecast three times on Sunday. At its height, its average audience of 690,000 nearly equaled MSNBC's 707,000 for the State of the Union address last week. Across its many replays last year, about 5 million people sampled Puppy Bowl. This year? You do the math. No, seriously, you do the math.


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