Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Exorcist Needed ASAP

Send help PLEASE! Otis is a dog POSSESSED!

In addition to his usual sulfphurous gaseous emissions and snoring from the pits of hell his wiring has most definitely shorted out:

He walks on two legs.

And takes flight using his demon jowls.

And then he digsdigsdigs:

And he is chowing down on DIRT!

Seriously, WTF with the dirt, dude?

And it would not be a good demon possession without a little projectile vomiting:


OH NOES! The demon has gotten in the sheppys and they have become a beast with two backs!

Please send help immediately.

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Monday, August 02, 2010

SPCA Saturday (Boys on Film Edition!)

I hope you read our special edition of SPCA Saturday yesterday. It was for our friend Tucker and if you know anyone who wants a small-ish dog (24-30 pounds) who needs to get and give a lot of love call the SPCA, PLZ!

OK, now for some more boys. First is TUCK, a mixy-poo.

He likes the camera a lot.
And here is one of my besties JAMMIN' MUGS. I know he's been on here before but he's a sweet 'un.

And I do love the boys with big heads!

Oh hi Benjamin! He's a high energy pittie mix. His ears only stick up when he is SPRINGING!

Hey, it's Riot. (And he is, indeed, a Riot).

And this guy is Cody who was the ma ape's fave because he was laid back. (Or maybe because he is brindle like MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!).

And this is a Cane Corso who is going to rescue this week. Let's call him...Barney. He can't come out of his cage because he is a little, um, unruly. But he will make someone a great boo when he is trained!

And don't forget TUCKER needs a home ASAP!

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Help Our Friend!

This is an urgent message about our friend, Tucker. He's an Australian Cattle Dog mix at the Delaware SPCA. He's a great guy but has a bite history. He was scared and unsocialized at 8 months and was adopted by someone who did not heed the warning to not have him unsupervised around children. Their mistake could mean his death because they can't put him up for regular adoption due to liability issues and they have run out of space. At the SPCA he has grown to be a really sweet guy who loves to play and get attention from people. If you are interested or know a rescue or know of ANYONE who might be able to help him please call the SPCA (link above). He doesn't have much time.

Here is a video our bestie made of our bud Tucker.

Tucker from 4dogart on Vimeo.

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