Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SPCA Saturday: O Brother, How Art Thou

I am a worried corgador. My friend Sophie's brudder Graham Riggins is feeling poorly. And while I am familiar with the scourge of dorkus malorkus brudders I really want him to get better because I know, underneath her tuffy exterior, Sophie loves her brudder. We are pulling for you, Graham!

And now some SPCA Saturday! Here's an energetic fellow named Cain.

And a lil' Chihuahua without a name. But with big ears.

And Cato who is an elderly gentleman.

And Jinx, a very shy labby.

And now my ma ape's latest obsession! A brindle Jughead! He was very sick for a few weeks and was in iso and it was his first day out and about!

I think you can see why she loves him. It's the soulful eyes. And the jacked up teeth.

And we have similar builds.

It's like he's my brindle brother.

So this post is to all the brudders who need brudderly love, whether to get better like Graham Rabbit or to find a new, happy, illness-free home like Brindle Jughead.

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