Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Les Bleus!

It's been a busy month keeping track of my mad football predicting skills. To refresh your memories from a month ago in terms of my picks:

wally's team: my team (wales) didn't qualify, nor did my friends the irish or the scottish (we all hate the goddamn british!) so I'll root for the underdogs--the ivory coast (also, they have pretty uniforms).

my pick: france or germany (on behalf of my corgi cousins--eat it limey bastards!)

to summarize:

1) i went with a BRILLIANT rooting interest, the sentimental favorite for halting their civil war for the world cup

2) i managed to pick TWO of the teams who made the final four and--sacre bleu!--what will most certainly be the winning team, triumphing over the italian diving team. go frogs! i'm better than you naked ape prognosticators--and i'm dog! and this isn't even real football! wally, wally ueber alles! how did i make my amazing picks? 1) the affectionate ethnic slur for the french (frogs) rhymes with dogs. 2) they are old men, i am an old man. 3) i once had a rather unattractive bald patch (like zidane) which i have since found a way to cover (by growing hair--no shaving necessary) 4) they are underdogs, i am an underdog 5) my unmitigated genius.