Saturday, November 07, 2009

Scenes from a Series

I have been away from my blog, sad over the loss by the WORLD CHAMPION PHILLIES to THE TEAM THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED. This is what it was like to watch the game on Wednesday night.

Writhing in pain. Stop it, Matsui!

NO I CAN'T WATCH! (That's just cuz I'm blinded by the white hot glare of A-Rod's Ego).

And then, the sad sets in.

I'm going to have to send something to my friend Joe Stains who is still a stand up fellow in spite of being a fan of THOSE GUYS. I taunted him so I have to send him a present from my city. A bucket of Wudder Ice? Some cream cheese? Rocky flop sweat?

Maybe some glasses because he seems to have some problems seeing.

Joe, I can find it in my heart to feel happy for you because I like you almost as much as Derek Jeter loves himself.

And now back to Husker football!

The writing begins again.

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

City of Brudderly Love

This is a proud day for those of us from (or in proximity to) THE CITY OF BRUDDERLY LOVE! See these loverly brudders?

We're stoked because WE WIN! No, not the World Series. YET! We won something FAR more prestigious! Watch and see!

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Sunday, November 01, 2009


Yesterday was one of the greaterest holidays--Wall-O-Ween! Dedicated to being scary and begging for snacks. That's like a regular day for me. Here are some things that happened at my house.

My GranNE sent us a punkin carving pattern for a Jack Bo Lantern. That's Bo Pelini, coach of the Huskers!

And our yard was totally spooky. It scared some little kids, in fact. And that was before me n' my sibs shouted at them!

And then a mob ran through our neighborhood with pitchforks and torches. Um, I don't know.

And then my ma ape went to the SPCA and OMD LOOK AT THESE SCARY THINGS!!??!?!

And my ma ape had an inflatable black cat. Really? Am I supposed to be scared of this thing? Who would be stupid enough for that?

Oh right.

And then? Mmmm. Candy. Not for dogs. We had bones!

And then my ape turned into a zombie.

So I ate her brains before she could eat mine.

And then it got REALLY scary when the World Series started and the Yankees won! NNOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Oh the humanity!

Help us out, Vice President! Unless that is Zombie Joe Biden! Oh no! (Zombie Joe Biden, please eat A Rod)

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