Sunday, November 01, 2009


Yesterday was one of the greaterest holidays--Wall-O-Ween! Dedicated to being scary and begging for snacks. That's like a regular day for me. Here are some things that happened at my house.

My GranNE sent us a punkin carving pattern for a Jack Bo Lantern. That's Bo Pelini, coach of the Huskers!

And our yard was totally spooky. It scared some little kids, in fact. And that was before me n' my sibs shouted at them!

And then a mob ran through our neighborhood with pitchforks and torches. Um, I don't know.

And then my ma ape went to the SPCA and OMD LOOK AT THESE SCARY THINGS!!??!?!

And my ma ape had an inflatable black cat. Really? Am I supposed to be scared of this thing? Who would be stupid enough for that?

Oh right.

And then? Mmmm. Candy. Not for dogs. We had bones!

And then my ape turned into a zombie.

So I ate her brains before she could eat mine.

And then it got REALLY scary when the World Series started and the Yankees won! NNOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Oh the humanity!

Help us out, Vice President! Unless that is Zombie Joe Biden! Oh no! (Zombie Joe Biden, please eat A Rod)

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Blogger Sophie Brador said...

Wally!!! Your yard looks awesome. Now listen. I had nothing to do with those Yankees winning, and I was not dissing those Phillies. I was just flirting with Joey. You know how it is. I flirt. It's my role in life. Next time, I promise to meditate for those Phillies. If I do have secret powers, I will learn to harness them. And then maybe become Sophie, the Cat Slayer! Except that mom says I can't really slay any cats.

9:29 AM  
Blogger The Brat Pack said...

Your ma ape is making ours look like a giant slacker. We're lucky we even had a pumpkin.

Keep her away from those puppies. They're nothing but trouble.


11:40 AM  
Blogger Mack and Sally Ann said...

Will you have any foster puppies in your house? Why was there a mob running down your street?

2:40 PM  
Blogger Gus said...

Oh my....We are in favor of someone making A-Rod disappear, but we're not sure for a zombie Joe Biden. We did notice he was lookin' cold and a little blue around the edges last night, but hadn't thought about the zombie aspect.

But then, my muzzer didn't wear a costume, so I was out of the Wall ow ween mode pretty early.


2:54 PM  
Blogger Mango said...

Zoombies are the best! Your ma-ape looks fantastic. So does your yard. As for the cracker dog kidlings running amok. Not too keen about that.


7:03 PM  
Blogger Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm not sure where to start with khommenting on the post -

So much khool stuff -

BUT I've got to get bakhk to THE game!


9:16 PM  

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