Friday, March 18, 2005

Post Paddy Depression

Post Paddy Depression
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here i am sleeping off my paddy's day celebration which culminated in me barfing up my greenies at 4 a.m. this morning. of course, that had more to do with the fact i don't always chew my food before i eat than any actual overindulgence.

thank goodness it's the weekend. not that i work during the week anyway.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

kiss me, i'm wally

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i love paddy's day. celebrating the running off of the snakes and what not seems like a good idea to me. but then i celebrate completing my first nap of the morning. as a partially welsh guy, i can relate to the irish since we both work hard to throw off the yoke of the goddamned british. seriously, they're so annoying they probably invented goddamned cats.

i'm off to eat some taters and guinness. it's good for me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

me for american idol.

my naked ape friend glenn sent me this link for a cd made especially for dogs. while they say that the song squeaky deaky was a hit with dogs, i was not impressed. in fact, i disliked it so much i walked out of the room. it came as a surprise since i myself am a big fan of the squeaky toys. i'm not impressed by the fact that they sound like really lame kid's songs recorded on a casio keyboard with little attempt at lyrical sophistication. i do like songs with my name in them, that tell me how good i am, and that are sung by my mawma while she is giving me snacks. i have even composed a masterpiece of my own called 'morgan's not afraid of thunder' that we sing to morgan whenever it thunders. i like it because one of my favorite rhymes with "thunder" is "chunder." bathroom humor does well with me. i sing it because morgan's really afraid of thunder and tries to hide under the bed unless we distract her. i should definitely cut an album of my own. snoop dogg could produce it.

busy bees

i have not posted as much as i, or even more so you, would like. i've been a busy bee. here is what i have accomplished since i last blogged

1) got tea off of the pantry shelves and spread tea bags around the house for an impromptu tea party (you're welcome, mawma!)
2) barked at the new lab in the neighborhood, welcoming him at 6:15 a.m. with my ear-splitting, high-pitched bark i save for special occasions (you're welcome, neighbors!)
3) harassed a chocolate lab named mocha at the dog park because he has an ear-splitting, high-pitched bark. i tried to herd him and then grabbed his tail for good measure (you're welcome, mocha!)
4) played with my new squeaky toy little gorgilla (not to be confused with big gorgilla or blue butted babboon) to break him in (you're welcome, squeaky toy!)

and you naked apes think you're busy!