Wednesday, March 16, 2005

me for american idol.

my naked ape friend glenn sent me this link for a cd made especially for dogs. while they say that the song squeaky deaky was a hit with dogs, i was not impressed. in fact, i disliked it so much i walked out of the room. it came as a surprise since i myself am a big fan of the squeaky toys. i'm not impressed by the fact that they sound like really lame kid's songs recorded on a casio keyboard with little attempt at lyrical sophistication. i do like songs with my name in them, that tell me how good i am, and that are sung by my mawma while she is giving me snacks. i have even composed a masterpiece of my own called 'morgan's not afraid of thunder' that we sing to morgan whenever it thunders. i like it because one of my favorite rhymes with "thunder" is "chunder." bathroom humor does well with me. i sing it because morgan's really afraid of thunder and tries to hide under the bed unless we distract her. i should definitely cut an album of my own. snoop dogg could produce it.


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