Wednesday, February 16, 2005

monkey business

more fun scientific studies, this one showing that like their naked ape cousins, other apes will give up resources in order to look at certain other apes, but only really hot or powerful ones (these are often mutually exclusive--see, donald trump's hair). here's an article about it written for the regular apes and here's the original article, for science apes.

the article pointed out that you naked apes are more like your hairier cousins:

In a study titled "Monkeys Pay Per View," neuroscientists at Duke University discovered that rhesus monkeys will give up a portion of hard-earned perks for a peek at pictures of the dominant leaders and nubile females in their troop. But they won't pony up to look at faces of subordinate simians."People are willing to pay money to look at pictures of high-ranking human primates. When you fork out $3" for a celebrity magazine, [said one researcher], "you're doing exactly what the monkeys are doing."

i think, though, this shows how you naked apes are really copying the rest of us in the animal kingdom, though i guarantee we would not give up any resources to look at pictures of goddamn paris hilton. for all your culture and civilization you still just want to look at each other's butts. i guess this explains my love of dog shows, beethoven movies, and britney spears specials on e!

and i would like to congratulate carlee, the pretty german shorthaired pointer who won westminster. you would have had your butt kicked by mutts but well played anyway. sorry harry potter (my cardigan corgi friend) that you did not take the crown (though you deserved it). fortunately, the westminster kennel club posts pictures and videos of the judging online so i, just like the naked apes, can sneak a peek at some nubile canines.


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