Tuesday, February 15, 2005

let the penguin soar

i came across this article while googling "gay penguins." what?

Penguins 'have a right to be gay' By Metro 14 February 2005

Gay campaigners are demanding that a zoo stops trying to force its gay penguins to go straight.

Bosses at Bremerhaven Zoo in Germany flew in female penguins from Austria to tempt its males after discovering most were in same-sex relationships and not producing offspring.
But gay pressure group HOSI attacked 'the attempts to interfere in their natural instincts of these birds'. So far, the gay penguins have not been tempted.

shake your fabulous tail feathers my friends! my theory? these penguins have been exposed to too much gay-themed literature which an Alabama legislator has wisely proposed that we ban (don't believe me? look here.) can you think of your own anthropomorphic explanations? would you like to send your suggestions for social engineering of zoo animals? it's a fun game--try it!


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