Monday, January 31, 2005

22 shopping days left.

Wally With Baboon
Originally uploaded by cerasmus.
dear naked apes,

this is a picture of me with my favorite holiday gift, the blue butted baboon. i like to play with him because he is a relative of you naked apes so i can take my aggression out on him. kind of like my blog where i can talk about your general silliness, rather than telling you to your faces how much you exasperate me.

i posted this picture to remind you that you only have three weeks until february 22. i know that you are aware that this is my birthday. i have discriminating tastes in that i like anything that i can eat or that squeaks. no cats, even though i can eat them and they squeak when i try to do so.

you'd better get your shopping done soon. i don't accept belated birthday greetings (though i do accept the gifts) and i do hold grudges.


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