Monday, January 24, 2005

snow babies

Originally uploaded by cerasmus.
look! this is my buddy kellen in the snow in minnesota. he is just learning to talk so I don't know if he sounds like the people on "fargo." he is with my other friend tyson, who has never met me but she loves dogs so surely she would love me. she is obviously one of the smarter naked apes.

kellen and i have a lot in common. we like food and playing and love our mawmas. unfortunately, kellen has not yet learned the magic of naps. perhaps i could teach him about the importance of beauty rest. kellen and i also both have short legs which makes the snow tough for us but we sure do entertain you long legged naked apes when you watch us play in the snow.

i will have to blog a picture of me in the snow so kellen can see me, his fellow short legged guy, in the snow. we are thousands of miles and many species apart but are brought together by our humorously unstable bodies and stumpy legs. shut up, tall naked apes!


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