Monday, January 17, 2005

independent bloggers

just so you know, I'm not on Howard Dean's blogger payroll. which is not to say I wouldn't be, given the appropriate inticements (you may send payments in pig's ears or greenies, whichever is easier.) i have been an independent political mind for quite some time, thank you. in fact, i was one of the first dogs to add my mug to dislike of the current regime, ok? i was a dog for dean and then a canine for kerry. fat lot of good that did. i'm not sure this current "scandal" rises to the level of paying journalists to shill your education policies. or having actors pose as journalists for "informational videos" about your prescription drug plan. remember that? apparently not because you still re-elected 'em. at any rate, the dean story is getting big play in the Wall Street Journal. if journalists did their jobs (watchdogs, remember? you watch worse than i do. i would probably sleep while the house got robbed, you actually write down what the burglars say and publish it as the gospel truth.), maybe bloggers wouldn't be so popular. but, then, anyone who takes a blogger's word as gospel is pretty dodgy, too. for all you know, you could be getting your information from a dog.


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