Monday, January 03, 2005

Dogs that do more than blog

I'm still real bummed about the tsunami. poor naked apes. apparently animals--the non-human kind--can sense natural disasters and many of them survived because they ran away from the ocean when they sensed a change in atmospheric pressure. i guess that's our evolutionary trick--we know when to get out of dodge. when my pal morgan senses a thunderstorm coming she starts to cry and tries to get under the bed. she's kind of afraid of everything, though--tsunamis, thunderstorms, trains, things falling off the coffee table, herself. that's kind of evolution run amok.
this story made me feel a little better--a dog that helped out his pals the naked apes. we know better than to bite the hand that feeds us. i have to say, though, it's about time you stupid humans got with the program and started recognizing our god-like qualities.


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