Tuesday, January 18, 2005

oooh playoffs

i'm excited for football, especially the part where i get to lounge on the couch and eat lots of snacks. i'm a bit of a football fan, though i'm mostly partial to college football. and the nebraska cornhuskers in particular. i even have a buffalo hat that my mawma puts on and i attack just to celebrate our shared hatred of the rapin' buffalos.

i'm rooting for the philadelphia beagles. remember when rush limbaugh made his jackass comments about how donovan mcnabb was overrated because he was black and woosie liberals (especially in the media, because the sports media is well known for its left wing bias) just want a Black quarterback to succeed? oooh, he's stupider than a cat! half of the qbs remaining in the playoffs are Black. the other teams must have caved for affirmative action purposes. because everyone wants so badly for a Black qb to do well and none have done so on their own! so now that mr. mcnabb has a top quality receiver who remembers to HOLD the ball when it hits his hands suddenly their offense is doing much better--so was HE the weak link in the team? look, i'm a dog and i'm not that stupid. and may i add that mawma mcnabb is lovely in the soup commercials. not as lovely as my mawma in the buffalo hat but not bad.

i'm also a big fan of randy moss's bottom. the rest of him is a bit of an ass as well but i thought the fake mooning was awesome. if you missed the butt cheeks seen round the world, fox sports (who else?) has 'em here. if only his not even bare butt was the most damaging product of football machismo (see, the raping at colorado). hell, if only randy moss was offensive ON the field instead of off. for something really offensive, look here. i repeat, down with buffalos.

e--a--g--l--e--s beagles!

and a small note for my naked ape friend glenn. steelers fans are cat lovers! (that's an insult).


Blogger Scott Lemieux said...

Frankly, I'm in the mood to defend Moss. From the reaction to the mooning in Green Bay, you'd think he walked into the end zone seats with an AK-47 and moved down the first three rows. I guy subjected to relentless abuse makes a classless but harmless gesture...I think the republic (such as it is) will stand...

2:00 AM  
Blogger mackintheknife said...

Hey Wally. This is Katya, and I am pissed, pissed, pissed that you would lump Rush Limbaugh, Kitty cats, and Steeler fandom all together. As my naked ape servants Amy and Glenn would tell you, I can have a pretty bad temper when I'm provoked. You'd better stay away from my food and those glorious hands that keep giving me pets.

1:06 AM  
Blogger wally said...

dear cat (oooh, i hate cats),
i didn't meant to compare you to rush limbaugh. he is a lot more like cat poop than cats. no, i like cat poop better. he's more of a hair ball. can we agree on that? i still hate cats and will chase you out of my yard. but please don't bat your paw at me because that kind of scares me.

1:53 PM  

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