Thursday, January 20, 2005

black thursday

inauguration day. i'm wearing all black for the occasion. yes, black is the only color my coat comes in. shut up. four more years. in dog years, that's a goddam long time.

i have to add dennis hopper to the "why the hell is he a republican" list:

Republican donor and veteran actor Dennis Hopper on his last-minute blackballing from the inaugural festivities today: "We were dismayed this week when my invitation to participate in the 'Celebration of Freedom' event . . . was withdrawn by the Presidential Inaugural Committee ... However, I would still like to express my support for President George Bush and our next four years." (Reliable Source)

i don't get it, easy rider. are you just another 60s sell out? did you fall off your motorcycle without a helmet? are you born again? are you on a bad trip? i could understand, say, a libertarian political independent who might have republican leanings but bush is no small-government anti-establishment libertarian. he was a yale cheerleader. don't be fooled by the brush clearing and cowboy boots. i know as a dog i can sniff out a lot more stuff than you nose- impaired naked apes, but can't you smell the bullshit, too?

to get serious for a moment, i'd like to address a serious problem in america today. three nights of american idol per week. i'm not going to say i have good taste in television. but i'm a dog, i think rolling in dead fish is a good time. what's your excuse?


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