Monday, January 24, 2005

is mrs. bush cheating?

i knew that would make you look. i blogged earlier about norweigians thinking that bush was hailing the devil (quite possibly) when he (or his daughter) flashed the stupid hook 'em horns sign at the inaugural parade. it appears there are more culturally specific meanings of the stupid texas hand gesture:

In Mediterranean countries, it implies a man is a cuckold, the victim of an unfaithful wife. In parts of Africa, it's used as curse and in many European countries it's used to ward off "the evil eye." In Russia, it's a symbol for so-called New Russians, the newly rich, arrogant and poorly educated.

In sign language, it means "bull----," which elicited a surprised giggle from the first lady's press secretary, Gordon Johndroe of Fort Worth, Texas, himself a University of Texas grad. When told its meaning by the New York Daily News, Johndroe replied, "Texans have been known to BS every once in a while.

so many possible jokes to make--rich, arrogant and poorly educated? evil? bullshit? you naked apes just make it too easy.

my uncle eric tried to make this into a dissertation on the relationship between signs and their referents. as a dog, i don't need to make any fancy-ass references to structuralist theories of language to explain the slipperiness of signifieds under the signifiers--you're sliding around on bullshit, sir. put down the hegel, eric. too much german theory is bad for you. rubbing a dog's belly will teach you much more. the master/dog dialectic is much more interesting. (we know which one is the slave in this instance.)


Blogger EDR said...


i'm afraid that putting down the hegel is not an option at present. i will be 'tarrying with the negative' all spring to fulfill my end of a masochistic contract i made with the university of illinois at chicago.

you may be right about the wisdom of canine philosophy. i suspect you and your ancestors were onto the following tip--regarding the folly of 'sense-certainty'--long before g.w.f. hegel.

hegel write: "Even the animals are not shut out from this wisom [the wisdom of the Eleusinian Mysteries, which teach humans to "doubt the being of sensuous things"] but, on the contrary, show themselves to be most profoundly initiated into it; for they do not just stand idly in front of sensuous things as if these possessed intrinsic being, but, despairing of their relaity, and completely assured of their nothingness, they fall to without ceremony and eat them up."

take that rector heidegger.

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