Friday, January 28, 2005

dick. (cheney, that is)

check out this picture of dick cheney at auschwitz for the anniversary of the liberation of the camp. apparently he came early to shovel the snow for everyone else since everyone else is dressed so formally for the occasion while he looks like he stepped out of an l.l. bean catalog. very nice of him. i take back what i said about him kicking puppies. he probably only kicks full grown dogs.

now, before someone submits my blog to the fcc for obscene content for using the word dick, i'd like to clarify that from now on i will substitute the word 'cheney' for the offending term. because he's the real dick.

i'd like to add I'm real mad that both king kaufman at Salon and maureen dowd at the NYT have tried to steal my thunder, and my gravy train, by offering their columns for sale to the bush administration. i would just like to say, why hire yet another naked ape (and at appears you have hired quite a few) when you could have a dogblog? granted, they may have a wider audience and may not lick their genitalia, er, cheney, in front of company but, looking at the public's trust in the media, they might be more willing to listen to a dog. hell, if tucker carlson can get his own show i should get dan rather's anchor job.

to end on a happier note, e-a-g-l-e-s BEAGLES! (patriot fans are cheneys!)


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