Tuesday, February 01, 2005

goodbye sammy!

my friend sammy sosa (named after the very handsome show dog, I think) is leaving the cubs for the orioles. it's sad he's leaving the team so associated with him, even if it is to move closer to me. it's probably the best since he's been batting worse than i could (and i lack opposable thumbs).

since the cubs are now lacking a mascot (let's face it, smilin' sammy was, sometimes, more a symbol than a person), i'd like to volunteer my services. i've always thought i'd be a good rally wally for the chicago teams because i look a little bit like a bear cub and i'm a bit rough around the edges, kind of like chicago. also, they always do well in the "fat city" rankings which means that, like me, they love their chow. and they have a dog park there named "wiggley field" i've always wanted to visit because of my love of puns. so, mayor daley, give me a call. will work for ballpark snacks.

best of luck, sammy.


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