Monday, February 14, 2005

be mine

if anyone is looking for a valentine, i am available. i am low maintenance and require only regular belly rubs and snacks. with the occasional "good boy" thrown in the mix, too. be aware that i am not prone to monogamy and will slather love and affection on anyone who does the same to me, especially if they have snacks.

valentine's day is a nice prelude to my birthday (which ought to be a national holiday, write your congresspersons). and this week is the westminster dog show. the new york times had an article about josh, last year's winner who is living large in retirement. josh, a newfie, looks a lot like me in the head, showing that i would clearly win if they weren't prejudiced against us mutts.

this weekend i got to go to the dog park where i did a nice job of maintaining order. i subscribe to the "broken windows" theory in which any disorder can lead to greater disorder--so whenever dogs are making too much noise, growling, or wrestling i have to break them up. unless, of course, they are running too fast for me to catch up. speaking of police, last night's simpsons stunk, but i did appreciate the king of the hill episode in which the moral of the story was ooooh, we hate cats!

happy valentines day to me!


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