Monday, February 28, 2005

evolution shmevolution

I came across this story in an online aussie magazine:

Man to test cockroach-eating record
From correspondents in DelhiFebruary 28, 2005

INDIAN man Ramesh Kumar is planning an assault on the record books by eating 50 cockroaches in a minute.Mr Kumar, 26, said roaches and other insects had been part of his diet fromchildhood."One day I tried a cockroach and I liked it very much," he said.The current roach-consumption record of 36 in a minute would be a snack, he forecast.

I think this challenges your supposed superior intelligence given that 1) while i eat disgusting things because i like them (including but not limited to: cat poop, goose poop, whatever specks i find on the ground, things i find in the garbage), you naked apes do it for sport in spite of being grossed out 2) i, and most dogs i know, could whip your naked ape butts at competitive eating.


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