Saturday, November 28, 2009

mY BesTIes! (by OBST!)

It is time for OCCASIONAL OSCAR! I'm SUPERMAD at Wally because he won't let me have a NEW BRUDDER and also Wally's GIRRRRRLFRIEND RANDI wanted OCCASIONAL OSCAR so he said I could DO IT so long as I promise not to wear out the CAPS LOCK OK?

Do you see me here with my buddy Tuchuck? Here we are looking most intelligent:

Chuckie had a foster brudder named HARLEY who is like OBST in reverse! TSBH! Teen Super Bean Harley!

We met at the park and here I am teaching him about my tongue.

I chilled w/my buddy Chuck.

And did zoomies in the PARK! LOOK I AM A BRUNETTE IN A SEA OF BLONDS! Harley is going to a NEW HOME this weekend. He is moving to Master Chew Sits which is where Mango and his AWESOME crackerdog brother Dexter live!

And then the apes took me to the SPCA! OMD GUYS I WILL BE GOOD DON'T LEAVE ME! But really I was just there to see MY BESTIE JUGHEAD!

We were supposed to get out our PISS AND VINEGAR!

OMG we are so much fun! Jughead is telling me a funny JOKE and I am laughing with my TEETH!

We make the BEST FACES!

I bite his HEAD!

It does not fit in my MOUTH!

OOOOOOOOOOF! Watch out for the shorties!

This was the most fun EVAR! OBST SLEEPING!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Very Important Day!

It is VERY IMPORTANT football day when the Huskers play their Big 12 rivals the STINKY COLORADO BUFFALOES.

As you can see, the buffalo is the natural enemy of the corgador. This buffalo toy did not last long in my mouth.

I am practicing saying SUUUUUUHHHHHH for the greaterest Husker on the field.

Go Big Red! Let's eat some buffaloes!

Edited to add: Khyra reminded me that it is also the APPLE CUP (Washington Huskies vs. the Washington State Cougars) this weekend and sent me this HILARIOUS link!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks!

Hello to my bloggy friends and family! I am overexposed in this photo to wish you all a happy thanksgiving. This year I am thankful for my ticker that takes a licking and keeps on ticking. For my brudder and sister who protect me from harm, usually from myself. And for my apes who think I'm the bee's knees even when I'm stubborn and get up at 3 a.m. and even when I need my ma ape to sleep on the floor with me during the thunderstorms. I am also grateful for all of my friends who leave me wonderful comments (and especially my girlfriends and my bromances) even when I'm lazy and can't get around to visiting everyone. And I am also grateful for a new Thanksgiving tradition we started this year...

Lambs and yams! My ma ape has been meaning to get me something special-like for the holidays and this year she got me A LAMB LEG!

Look at Oscar! He's squinching his eyes so he can open them up and be sure he's not dreaming.

Here's a perspective photo so you can see how big the leg is (or, conversely, how short I am). Ma ape, I think the leg goes the other way round.

Here it is cut up and in our dinner bowls--lambs and yams!

Yup--that's the Wally bowl! With my lamb prepared just how I like it--RAW!

Ethel enjoyed hers.

Oscar is ecstatic.
I could have nommed all day on that leg!

And this is what apes eat:

It is tofurkey and mushroom gravies and stuffings and yamnapples and brussels sprouts. And also champagne from Washington state which is also where my ma ape found me.

I hope everyone had a thanksgiving as wonderful as mine.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Something borrowed, something blue

I have not been blogging and for once it is not just because of my ape's incompetence and general laziness! No, we were very, very busy with...a guest! Who was it?!??

My GranNE? Nope.
Grammy? Nope.
Onkel Eric? Not for another three weeks.
Bo Obama? The Secret Service will not allow me to comment

Here he is!

Yup! Jughead got released to the SPCA which means he can be adopterated! So my ma ape brought home a strange man for us to meet! Ma ape! He hung out in the crate while we checked him out.

He liked hanging out at our house even in the box.

But the fighting was ferocious!

J/K. This is my brudder Oscar having the time of his life playing with Jughead.

Even Ethel liked him.

Jughead is learning all about the world, first and foremost that he's not going to get in trouble for everything and that not all humans are bad. One of the things he learned about was BEEF HEARTS! He didn't even know how to eat them and my ma ape had to cut them up and feed them to him by hand!

But he didn't need to learn to play with Oscar Bean Super Teen.

Super Teen Twin Power Activate!

Ahhhh. Besties at the drinking hole!

And back to rassling!

As you can see the Jug Head spent a lot of time in the Oscar Mouth.

You will notice I am not in these pictures. That is because I did not like the Jughead and could not get close without getting out my teeth. Tooth. Whatever. He was happy enough to stay away from me but I was not happy and my ma ape decided it was best for my ticker if he not live at our house. There are many leaky eyes because he's a champ of a dog, who has been at the SPCA since August when he came in emaciated and very, very sick. He will be at the SPCA and we hope that he finds a very special home.

My ma ape is crying that he cannot come live with us but she would be even more sad if I got sick. When I don't sleep well, my ape does not sleep well.

Good bye Jughead! (P.S. I told OBST he can come visit you on Friday. But I get your crate. And it might be best for you that you aren't living here forever because Sophie & Joe had already re-named you Sophie Sue Stains)

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