Friday, October 16, 2009

Red October!!!!

You might not even know but it is RED OCTOBER! It is named that because the Phillies are playing postseason baseball and are going to be WORLD CHAMPIONS just like they were last year!! Here is their PAWESOME song!

And then you get to play DOG PILE!

We've been making piles of dogs for practice.

I hope the Phillies play the Yankees in the World Series and then I will have Khyra and Joe Stains over to watch baseball together like a pair of grumpy old men and a hot chick and we will drink beer and belch and shout at the teevee.

And there is MORE RED for OCTOBER! HUSKER FOOTBALL! (Note: my sleepyface in this photo should not be taken for disinterest but for disgust that they did not start the game until 9 p.m., well past my bedtime.

Last Thursday was like the BIGGEST GAME of the year with Nebraska v. Missouri and who do you think won??!!!???

HAROOOOOO! And this is Nebraska's greaterest player, Ndamukong Suh. (His name is Suh. How do you do?)

He and I are both rare specimens of athletic prowess and I suspect that we might be long-lost brudders:

Oh my gosh I feel so sporty.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mayhem and Foolishness

Do you see me here with the power cord around my leg?

I'm try to get The Apple out so my ma ape will help me blog! I have yet to post pictures of our zombie themed Halloween display. Or talk about the Phighting Phillies and Red October. But don't you think I have not been busy. I am a PhD (Dog of Philosophy) and I put my education to good use.

Like teaching my brudder.

About the art of the raspberry. (Though here he looks more like he's been hitting the ole hash pipe.)

And now I would like to teach you a Very Important Message. Do you see us all playing on the Big Puff Ball Bed? It is great fun.

The quality of the photos is poor because the puperazzi were watching from across the room as all three of us were rumbling on the bed. And I tried to get on top of my brudder and hump him.

It was great fun until seconds after this photo...I feel backwards down those stairs!

Call 9-1-1! He's belly up!

Just kidding. I was fine. I just slid backwards, protected by my amply padded rear end. Now, let this be a lesson to us all.

Fashionable diets and jutting bones will not protect you when you fall down the stairs while trying to hump your brother on the big bed. So eat all the ice cream you can to cushion your falls. Safety first.

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