Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Regularly Scheduled Health Crisis

That is how I am feeling.

I have a tendency to get sick around the holidays. One year I had spondy-losis and my back hurt and then I ate my whole sample pack of Rimadyl and spent almost 24 hours at the vet! Another year the vet detected an arrythmia at my checkup. Last year I had my first syncope (fainting spell). Right on schedule this year it was time for a vet checkup! I have been restless at night for several weeks and this morning I was feeling poorly. Off to see Dr. Teddy! I had some pictures taken of my heart and the diagnosis was: TOO ROMANTIC! Yes, my heart is so full of love it is taking up 2/3 of my chest cavity and it is causing fluid in my lungs.

So now I'm relaxing at home with some new pills. If I'm a little quiet it is just that I am supposed to get some rest. And also I'm supposed to eat one lamb leg every day. I'm pretty sure the vet said that.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Music Lesson

You might think that because I am advanced in years I am not hip to what the kids are doing and listening to these days but you could NOT be more wrong.

Indeed I am so hip that I am not just privy to Lady Gaga but to Lady Gaga covers. See:

(H/T Sophie Brador's ape.)

And those of you who are not as down with the kids may not know but me and my sibs are the topic of the new Britney song "3"

If you listen carefully to the lyrics you can hear "Countin' One Two Three/Ethel Oscar Wally/The Greatest Doggies/Everybody loves..." I'm sure this video is just goofin' and she'll soon be shooting the REAL video with One Two Three Ethel Oscar Wally!

This has been your lesson in Kids These Days.

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Monday, December 07, 2009

Happy Burpday J Ape!

It is my J Ape's burpday so I am giving him his favorite thing--a picture of Wally! Happy burpday old man. Whenever I start to feel old I will look at you and think "at least I am not as old as him!" HAHAHAHA. Now I'm going to eat your cake.

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Wally's No Good Weekend

I had a terrible weekend, thanks for asking. I'll recap it. First, we had snow. But it was not enough to eat or play in, just enough to make it muddy enough so I have to get my undercarriage wiped when I come in.

And then in spite of the weather my ape went to the SPCA and these gross things were there.

And she thought it was ok to cheat on me with wee ickle puppies.

And then there were assorted failed attempts to get a Holiday Card photo.

The pictures did capture something of our spirit.

Some of us were humiliated.

Others of us maintained our dignity.

And then the worst EVER! Nebraska lost to Tex-ass by a mere 13-12 with a last minute field goal! Last weekend my Saskatchewan Roughriders lost after a last minute field goal! I curse the uprights!

Here is my sissy watching the last second of the game:

And here is my sissy showing what she would do if she ran into a Longhorn (or one of those lousy refs)

I'm going to sleep through Monday and hope that Tuesday will bring better stuff.

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