Saturday, December 15, 2007

Doggone Silly

Can your bodies do this?

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Seeing Double Trouble


So look! It's a picture of my sissy in a Santa hat, right?


That's Ginger from over at Barking Loud. I was looking at Lorenza's blog, as I do regularly because she has the greatest dresses and it's like Project Runway at her site! Anyway, I saw a card with three dogs and it looked like my SISTER! At first I thought maybe I was drunk and seeing double but no. And then I thought maybe it was like the Simpsons episode where they find out that their cat has another family and is getting fat because she is food from the other family. But my sissy is totally skinny. But it turns out Ethel has a doppleganger! They even have matching big ole grins! Like, whoa.

Can you tell which one is which?


Me either! OMG (as the kids say). The one on the top is Ginger. And--get this-- her name in the shelter was...ETHEL! And they changed her name to Ginger (my ma ape's favorite spice but not her favorite Spice Girl). Can you EVEN believe it?

It's no fair! I want a twin so that we can trick people and go on dates with the wrong dates and I can get in trouble and blame it on my twin. But my ma ape says it's ok to be one of a kind. She's says there's not room in the world for two of me. Just one of me:

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Some Love for the Brat Pack

Since I heard about my friend Thrawn, this is how I've been feeling:

And I've wanted to send some love to my girl Sam who is probably very very sad. Here I am blowing you a kiss from afar.

And here's one up close and personal. Please share with your siblings and especially your mom. Some things are so sad that human words aren't sufficient. The best we can do is doggie smooches.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Sad Day

I was so sad to hear the news from the Five Happy Hounds. Thrawn, a superspecial guy, has gone to the bridge. His mom loved him and took fantastic care of him to give him a wonderful life in spite of his health problems. We will miss him, I can only imagine how hard it must be for his pack. I hope everyone will find time to visit their blog and say goodbye to a very very special guy.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What a Week!

I'm very busy. And, frankly, I've been uncertain how to follow The Perfect Snaggle. After all, where do you go from the top? But I carry on. To remind you, perfection in one upturned lip:

I also have been busy because we have VISITORS this week. A naked ape who went to PhDog school with my apes is staying tonight. To get ready for new apes in my house I've been practicing my ape killing. See:

And then on Friday my nemesis Katya's parents are coming to visit. Katya is a goddamn cat who sometimes comes to my blog to post mean and scandalous things. Well, Katya, he who gets his belly rubbed last laughs loudest! Yes, your apes will have their filthy paws all over me this weekend! You wait and SEE! Hey Katya, I got something to tell you...

No, get a little closer.

Closer--I don't want to scare you by shouting.


Haha! You guys fall for that every time. You've been WALLYSMOOCHED! P.S. Katya, please send some kitty nonpareils with your apes.

I would like to snack on kitty poo during some FOOTBALL because also this weekend one of my teams the Delaware Blue Hens (mmmm...tasty!) are playing for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in the I-AA football! This is YouDee, the Blue Hen. She would make some tasty meaty bones, don't you think? Um, they call YouDee "he" but hey appear to be confused about the nature of "hens." Some gender confusion in their mascotage, I think. Go Blue Hens!

This is one busy week! And my ma ape has loads and loads of grading to do. I offered to help by eating her homework. I'm always so helpful! If she would finish her darn grading we could get to sending my holiday cards! I want to put a little yellow snow in each card. The ape has nixed that but is considering letting me pee on the pile of papers that were turned in on Monday. Ah, the art of compromise.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Perfect Snaggle

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Burpday Weekend!

There were many burpdays this week. Important ones. Not as important as mine but worthy of celebration. First was one of my apes who turned 7867482354 on Friday. So what do they do? Bake me a salmon cake? Shower me with gifts? NO, the ma ape makes a chocolate cake (bad for dogs, they say) and they go OUT to eat SUSHI.

I believe this is what the celebration probably looked like:

I did rangle a bully out of the deal. Happy burpday J.Ape! While I was totally mad about the whole burpday dinner I did put up a burpday banner AND got him a Wii game. He doesn't have a Wii but it's the thought that counts. Also, I let him watch me eat my bully and I know there is no greater gift than the gift of Wally.

Also having a burpday is Paddington Bear who is 50 years old!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Happy burpday to fictional bears and naked apes!

We will be having marmalade and sticky buns, I believe.

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