Saturday, February 06, 2010

State of Emergency

Our Guv has declared this storm a State of Emergency which is not surprising. We have more than 2 feet of snow which means. Taller than Wally. While belly rubs, lamb and yams, and squeaky toys know no limits, when it comes to snow you CAN have too much of a good thing.

The sheppys have gone stir crazy.

Stark raving mad.

And the ape seems to think I want to play catch.

I need to be airlifted to a tropical paradise. National Guard, don't forget my belly rubs, bacon, and stuffies.

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Scenes from a Snowstorm

We're having a wee storm. The snow is officially taller than me.

And I am officially freezing my peeper off:

And now you should listen to the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and scroll through our pictures, our Snow Ballet:

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Grumpy Old Men

NOT THAT I AM OLD but I was amused by this clip from the Daily Show about the olds:

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John McCain representin' for the grumpy old men!

Now get off my lawn blog!

SPCA Saturday (Snowball Edition)

I have been promising you an EPIC SPCA Saturday and I have not delivered! So here are some SPCA buds. First--the adopted ones! It is always awesome when the dogaboos get adopted before I can post their pictures!

This is Mya, a labby/boxery mix. She was PAWESOME and got ADOPTED right away.

Hello beagle mix puppy! There were three of these and they all got ADOPTED!

Wheeee! This girl was named something like Bubbles, though I think my ma ape is confusing her SPCA dogs with her Wire characters. She was really sweet and got ADOPTED!

And then LOOK! It is OBST II! And he got ADOPTED! And NOT by us! His new name is Cole.

And he has a new brudder! A white sheppy!

And now not adopterated but cute. Here's Fresca.

And you might remember the boars! Moar boars! They are still at the SPCA and they are neutered and had their tusks filed. Unfortunately they did not have any care given to their feets and many of them have developed foot/leg problems. Poar Boars.

And now check out this guy! He's a newbie--a pit/basset mix! My ape thinks he's the bee's knees. She's got a thing for the short guys.

And then my ape's bud is still there, still getting over his heartwormies.

You might notice the progression on the ground! That is because it started snowing while my apes were at the SPCA and I think that is a sign that my ape needs to STOP CHEATING and spend all her time showering me with attention. Right? So someone adopt all these dogs and boars and whatnot so she can spend all her time with me. Deal!

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Cold Spot, Hot Spot

Hello buds! I've been so bad at visiting blogs and I haven't even been able to see much of Mango Minster. I'm feeling a little poorly and some days my secretary just wants to hang out with me and I dont' complain because I like the attention. But I thought I'd share a little of what I've been up to lately. First we got something exciting!

SNOW!!!!!! I was especially excited because last time the snow came w/my Onkel Eric! But I've been looking for himfor days and still haven't been able to find him! Onkel Eric! Come inside and I will make you dirty martinis!

The sheps love to play in the snow.

And they spend all their time zooming.

And generally making spectacles of themselves.

And they miss out on the best part of snowtime!

Gorging on snowcones! But as you may have noticed I have 99 problems. And a hotspot is one.

While Hot Spot is my nickname for my hottest asset:

This hot spot is not hot in the good way. And it is right between my eyes! I look like I'm wearing a bindi.

I will probably need extra snacks to have the energy to heal my hotspot. I hope it does not ruin my goods looks (that is a not so subtle dig for compliments, plz.) More on an EXCITING SPCA Saturday sooN!

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