Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Pawlidays!

ETHEL JEAN with your PAWLIDAY REPORT! We have not posted our pawliday greetings (or sent our pawliday cards which will be New Year's cards due to Ma ape laziness!). We want to wish everyone a great pawliday no matter what pawliday you celebrate! Here's what we have been up to.

The ape made DOG COOKIES! Oh yes. There were Ethel and Oscar shapes, Edgrr shapes, and even a CORGADOR COOKIE! (We will post photos of that separately). But, alas, no Otis cookies. Our ma ape will now search for an Otis cookie cutter on the internets. These are BACON AND PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES!

And then OSCAR BEAN decided to carry on a very special Christmas tradition started by Wally involving a trip here:

Oh yes, that's the vet! And the totally FUN tradition is veterinary EMERGENCY requiring a visit the vet, eating up the last of the ape's moo-lah for the pawliday season! Assorted Wally-mergencies included heart troubles, back troubles, and eating a whole sample pack of Rimadyl troubles.

Troubles, yeah Oscar's got 'em! Hey, better HIM than ME!

Ma ape saw him scratcherating himself and found someone had poked a hole in OBST!

We have no idea how that might have happened.* At any rate, he got some anti-Bs in case some Edgrr bacterias might have gotten into him. Way to go, OBST!

SOME of us (that's me in the back) have been bending over backwards showing Santa how NICE we are. Here I am sharing the snuggle ball with the OtP even though he has gas! And it WORKED!

Look! Santa brought us beef butts! (P.S. Ma ape--PUT AWAY the ROLLING PIN!)

And he left us a BAG of TOYS which we have barely cracked!

Here the DUMB boys are trying out the monkey wubba. We will regale you with more tails of Santa prezzies once we are done digesting all our beefs and cookies.


*Edgrr would like to note that while there are many incriminating photos of him hanging off his brudder's side there is no definitive evidence against him. Innocent until proven guilty. FREE EDGRR.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bad Santa!

No nice, only naughty for this Santa! Edgrr was shivering this morning so the ma ape got him a sweater. What happened next was documented in horrifying detail by the Other Ape with the Fancy Camera. Do not let your children see this. It is worse than finding out that Santa isn't real.

He looks sweet and innocent.

But he sees you when you're sleeping.

He knows when you're awake.

He knows if you've been bad.

Or badder.

And he will eat you like a steak.

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