Saturday, November 14, 2009

For Snickers!

For those of you who know my friend Snickers, she is feeling quite poorly right now. You can read about it at her blog or at my bud Gus's blog. Jake and Fergi have organized a moment to send her good pup vibes. Link

We are practicing our moment of contemplative silence. (And trust me, this is something the sheppys need practice in):

And then ROACH for Ms. Snickers!

Three sets of paws crossed for you here Ms. Snickers!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

One for the Sheps!

We are the PEPPYSHEPPYS blogging as ONE because here is a NEWS STORY about a PEPPY SHEPPY (really a Belgian Malinois). His name is DIABLO and he is a police dog. He is in the hospital because he got shot by a jerkazoid while he (Diablo) was working. He looks like OBST if OBST was a black and tan. And could do work HAHAHAHA (Shouldn't have let me type OBST. -ETHEL JEAN, MEAN QUEEN).

Get better, Diablo!

And this is a good excuse to post pictures of peppy sheppys!

Someone needs to rake our lawn!

And clean up the trash HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (--ETHEL JEAN).

Also here is Wally waking up after we put him in a scarf GranNE sent. He looks like a Russian peasant. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

-OBST and ETHEL JEAN (former secretary in chief of the PEPPY SHEPPYS)

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Monday, November 09, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Much overdue edition)

Well Hello There! It's time for Jughead's SPCA Saturday! For TWO WEEKS worth of Saturdays it rained SO HARD that it was hard to get pictures but it was a Sunny Day Saturday so there are Jughead Pho-tos Galore!

And GUESS WHAT!?? BEAST T. BEEFCAKE GOT ADOPTED! I am sorry for shouting because I am a well-behaved gent but this is the BEST NEWS EVAH! He was at the SPCA for over a year but he found his own home. Way to go Beefcake! Unfortch, this lady, Ruby Pitlet is back. But we're glad to have such a loverly lady back. (Humina humina!)

And right now the SPCA runneth over with puppers! Here's a mama:

ANd her pile of babies! (They're up for adoption!)

They come with free irresistible adorableness:

And then there are these lil' plumpers that are still hangin' at the SPCA.

And, awesomely, when they grow up they will look like this!

And now older fellers. This is a dog that is shaved like a lion so let's call him Leo.

And this is an older lady named Diamond who knows how to sit and shake hands.

And Kane who is full of energy and ears that sometimes stand up, sometimes lie down. He's like two dogs in one!

And this handsome feller is Herbie who is a 5-6 month old pittie baby who looks like Wally's friend Rulon Mooch!

And Monica Lee, one ear up, one ear down!

And here's Jackson and Red and White guy!

And this is my bud Rhino who lives in the run next to me! He's a jughead like me who came in with the chunky pups and with several other big-headed pit boos, all with their ears chopped off. He was trying to steal my lady by sitting in her lap and smooching on her. He's quite the Lothario! Since he's part of a cruelty case he can't be adopterated either but he'll make someone an AWESOME dog! He just grins and kisses and plays lap dog.

OK, see you next week!

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

We win!

Guess what?

Huskers win! We beat the Okrahoma Sooners! I watched intensely from my Husker Blanket Cave which I'm sure helped the team immensely.

And now it is time for snacks!

The Sporgador triumphs! (And, Mango, I didn't even have to take a bath to do it!)

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