Friday, August 11, 2006

why dogs wind up in rescue

i came across this story about the various reasons owners give for surrendering their dogs into rescue. surprise! the reason is not us dogs but the jackass naked apes! higher brain function my ass.

An excerpt:

Yep, family ties can be nooses for some animals. Marjorie Lipson of Long Island, N.Y.-based Second Chance Labrador Rescue offered up the interesting approach of blaming the kids: "My youngest child is now in college -- it was her dog that we purchased 14 years ago," one owner told her as he turned over his gray-faced dog. "We never wanted a dog -- the kids did."

Norwegian elkhound fancier Lexiann Grant of southeastern Ohio had this doozy: "An Akita was surrendered because the family decided to do away with their current 'Japanese landscaping' and go with a southwestern theme."

If you find it hard to believe that people can be that superficial, consider this chestnut from Barbara Sawyer-Brown, a Ridgeback breeder and longtime rescuer from Chicago: "We redecorated, and the dog no longer matches the decor."

I suggest visiting Petfinder.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

the huskers are coming!

the beagles looked good in their yawn-inducing pre-season debut. but much more exciting news is that the nfl's most prominent hooskers are back (and better than ever!) the packers announced ahman green (named after the fantastic snack greenies! sadly, i have been barred from eating them because i swallow big chunks and barf. but i'm not banned from ahman green!) will be rushing again this year.

and the beagles are welcoming back corell buckhalter.

AND..the hooskers themselves will be kicking off their season next month against louisiana tech and nicholls state. i guess lincoln high was already booked. but set your tivos for the 16th when they will CRUSH the usc trojans. no greek army stands a chance against a horde of marauding corn farmers.

a reasonable explanation

i was a little bummed when i heard my friend floyd landis had abnormal testosterone tests. after all, a corgi owner wouldn't cheat would he?

i believe i have a scientific explanation. owning a corgi makes one heartier and healthier and probably more testosterony, too.

i'm waiting for scientific evidence to back me up but i believe we can state now: corgis are performance enhancing dogs.

the joementum carries on

i guess it's not surprising that the guy who thought he was in a three-way tie for third (and that was a good thing) thinks that losing a primary means you get to keep on running. they don't like you, joe they really don't like you.

i was always proud to be the state that knocked ol' joe out of the primaries for 2004 but now connecticut can be proud too.

beware the president and the kiss of death!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

bon voyage frodo!

this is my best friend frodo giving me a goodbye kiss. he has moved up north to toronto to enjoy moose watching, molsons beer, hosers, and universal health care. i will miss occasionally ambushing you while you were trying to nap, keeping you away from my mawma, hovering over my sister while she ate, having speed eating contests (i still say i should get a handicap for lacking teeth), preventing you from humping other dogs at the park, trading dog beds with you, and peeing in the same spot together 17 times. don't forget us!