Friday, April 04, 2008


One of the very first friends I met on DWB was a handsome, dashing and enormously talented poet named MARVIN. Alas, Marvin is a busy guy and is no longer blogging but today is his burpday and he deserves a heaping helping of HAPPY BURPDAY! His DWB number has been put into a Hall of Fame by our wonderful moderators. I hope Marvin has the greaterest burpday ever.

My own talent is not quite that of Marvin's but I wrote him a limerick:

There once was a dog of the Scots
Beloved of his friend a lots
His burpday's today
And we all gotta say
We'll eat all the cake and ice cream you gots!

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Goofy Faces

While I was enjoying a little chicken back din-din this evening my ma ape observed that I may make some kind of funny faces while I eat.

Sissy gets a little wide-eyed and crazy when she eats, too.

Though her funniest faces are reserved for playtime.

My ma ape calls this my stroke face that I get when I'm done eating. Ahhhh...blissful satisfaction.

Both sissy and I get get a bit goofy when we fail to wrangle our tongues.

Yup, goofy.

What are your goofy faces like? Do they embarrass your friends and family?

Or is your goofiness only revealed later, in photographs?

At least some of us still retain our dignity.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pizzle Huntin'

I had been snackless for almost a week. No pizzle. So I decided to take matters into my own paws. It was time to put on my pizzle hunting outfit (courtesy of Gooberstan) and head out.

I even recruited an accomplice:

Our initial perusal of the lawn did not yield any bull sightings so I decided to try another tactic.

First I dug a hole.

Then I hid in the hole.

Then I set the bait--my sissy grazing on grass. Surely a bull would mistake her for a grazing cattles, right?

And was our mission successful?

Mission accomplished.

I can't tell you how I did it. It did involve some big, sad eyes and a ma ape with weakness for big headed dogs.

Tastes as good as if I'd caught it myself.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


It is a lousy rainy day. So I'm staying in and catching up on my 'toons. I am watching Creature Comforts by the guys who do Wallace and Gromit. Here's a funny video they do about Americans and body image:

Um, I think I might be the dog who says "The hard thing about being so good looking is that you have to keep it up." With this kind of mug I have to agree. The beauty rest that this face requires is enormous:

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Every Dog Has Its Day

Last weekend my ma ape abandoned me. Yesterday she went and sl*tted around with some SPCA dogs so today was WallyTime. So for breakie we had some chicken, apples n' oatmeal and it was time to kick up my heels

And enjoy the sunshine:

I had to pull myself up

Shake off the cobwebs

And head out for a little stroll to the field

I gave my sissy some catchin' lessons:

Important lessons like don't tip over backwards.

And keep your tongue under control.

It's a good thing we got outside for some perfect BLUE SKIES.

That's a good omen for the Memphis Tigers and the Kansas Jayhawks who are playing b-ball today (not against each other--yet!) and who we're going to watch this afternoon. If they have any problems I am volunteering my sissy who has some mad b-ball skillz.

While I am much better at posting next to the springtime daffies. (Pippa--tell your mum this is the proper way to do flower pics--only with dogs in the frame!)

I hope to enjoy some B-ball and B-ball watchin' snacks this afternoon. Ahhhhh. A dog's life!

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