Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wally at the V-E-T!

I had to go to the V-E-T yesterday so he could draw my blood (supposedly for tests to make sure my Pemobendan is not hurting my kidneys but I know it is for cloning purposes!!!!) and to collect my wee which I thought was a little weird but whatever floats their boat. They also had to check my blood pressure which has returned to normal in spite of me having to live with the peppy sheppys.

You can see how excited I am about being at the V-E-T even though they shower me with attention and Ms. Sheree came out just to give me a hug and a kiss.

And while this was just a check-up I did receive really horrible, terrible, awful news:

My weight is dropping precipitously. Like .1 pounds in the last two weeks! My goodness. I believe that I suffer from a condition called "My Ma Ape is starving me TO DEATH." The vet ORDERED her to get three T-Bone steaks and apply them directly to my food bowl. She has not yet complied with the doctor's orders.

I hope I do not faint again from the hunger. Oh, the hunger!

We did get marrow bones when I got home. But mine was the smallest. I'm still hungry.

Send help immediately.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Looking Good, Feeling Good!

Some of you expressed concern because I haven't been posting but I would like to reassure you that I am looking good and feeling good. Here is some photographic evidence in a piece of art I like to call Corgador at Dawn.

My absence is not my fault. My ape is busy grading FINALS and being generally cranky. She had time to catch up on the laundry this weekend and to show my disdain for her time management skills I decided to make the clean unfolded laundry into a GIANT nest so I knocked over the laundry baskets and got to work.


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SPCA Saturday (Now on Monday!)

Well Hello! My name is Shyla and I'll be your host today for SPCA SATURDAY! I found a lap that I like and I spent all my time outside in that lap. Harooooooo!

This doooooood is Mr. Sparks. He is a wee boxer mix and a nice guy. He likes to run instead of sitting in laps.

This girl does not have a name but she's really nice. Great coloring, eh? Like mine!

This big dooooood is REX who is totes cool. He likes to play and get his back scratched.

And this is JUNO who is not knocked up. Can you tell what she likes to do?

She does NOT like to stop moving. She likes to moveitmoveit!

Our bud Mickey the Scottie got adopted RIGHT away and so did the Saints. Haroooooooooo! I hope The Lap comes back next week but I hope I'm not there!

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