Saturday, March 21, 2009

SPCA Saturday (Single Black & White Male Edition)

Hello! My name is Andy Wally. Um, my legs grew. But I still have a big head, sad eyes and white toes and a white chest. I'm totally Wally. So I should definitely go home with the camera lady. Take me to Wally's, I mean MY HOME!

See!?? This is totally the same dog:

Here are some of my bestie friends waiting for adoption! Er, this one GOT ADOPTED. This is Sasha, a lil' terrier lady who has great manners and loves to get her some attention.

This is Cushion. (I don't name them, I just introduce 'em.) He's a pit mix of some sort. He doesn't like dogs but boy does he love the peeps!

This is my BUD Cinnamon, the Cinnamonster! Nah, she's a really sweet mix who LOVES to play and get attention. She was really scared and first but now she's really gotten used to this place and is great fun.

This is Kizzie! She's a pit on her second time at the SPCA. She's a really sweet pit girl who is very friendly and even good on the leash!

Ok, it's me Andy Wally again! I became an American Bullbador. And it is time for me to go to Wally's my house! I look a lot like Wally's, I mean MY friend Moose!

The good news is that Moses and Ronaldo went to new homes! Way to go dudes! Now it is time for me to go back to Wally's, I mean, MY home!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Bad Hair Day!

I'm so worried! Tonight is the big Best Friends Animal Rescue pawty over at the Brat Pack's place and, just like pimples flock to teenagers on prom night, my looks have taken a hit!

LinkIt was raining this morning on my walk and look what it did to my beautiful coat!

And then my ma ape noticed THIS in my eye! Ewwwww!

Am I gonna be ready for the pawty??? Will they let me in with my booger eye or will I be turned away at the velvet rope?? What do you think? Am I still handsome enough to hang with the beautiful people?

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Corgadors in the House!

Look what my lady Sam found!!! This is Quickdraw who is at Best Friends. He even has a little dignified grey chin like me! Oh, I hope Sam doesn't fall for him...

But this reminds me--don't forget the Five (now Six!) Happy Hounds are having a PAWTY for Best Friends (like my bud here) on Friday!

I'm so excited that I'm taking extra naps so I will be rested and ready to get down!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Irish Culture!

This is from my favorite Irish teevee show, Father Ted. They are writing a song for the Eurovision song contest. Those who know my ma ape IRL might LOL about the horse theme (it is for you, GranNE!).

My ma ape watched this show when she lived in Belfast. People used to stay in on Fridays just to see it! And now my ma ape says we remind her of the priests. My sissy is Father Ted, well-meaning but harebrained. My brudder is Father Dougal, the dumb one, and I am Father Jack, the drunk, profane and lecherous one!

Here I am passed out sleeping peacefully on a chimp butt after another successful St. Patrick's Day. No snakes here!

Happy Paddy's Day!

It is time for one of my favorite holidays! Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Here's a brief musical interlude with the Pogues (Shane MacGowan is my teeth twin! Unclear if it is related to our fondness for the pints):

And here is a brief lesson in Irish dancing, as taught by Wally, Lord of the Dance:

Now where's my Jameson's???

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

On the Seventh Day I Rest (Also the first, second, third...)

Yes, it is still Wally Week! And so it is Wally Sunday. In case you've forgotten why we must have Wally Week, here is a reminder of what I (and, by proxy, you) have to put up with:

I've been quite busy ensleeperating. As you can see, I turn into jello while I naperate.

And then it was time for BULLY STICKS!

This was an all day ordeal because I would chew for a few minutes and then bury my bully and then my baby brudder would find it and try to chew on it and ma ape would take it away from him and give it back to me. And I would chew for a few minutes, then bury it, then ... This was an all day ordeal.

And then here is a story about karma. Yesterday one of the dogs had a tug rope with knots on the end and the pup shook it and the knot hit the top of my ma ape's foot and now SHE has a knot on her foot!

Cheaters never prosper, ma ape. This is a reminder of the only kind of ensmoocherating you should be doing!
Ahhhh...Wally smooches. Now with bull pizzle breath!

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