Tuesday, May 16, 2006

hunting, wally style

this afternoon i had an exciting adventure in hunting. fortunately, no one got shot in the face. it all started when my sister and i (and our house guest, frodo--the dog, named by nerds, not the actual hobbit, not that i'm nerdy enough to know what that is) got let outside for a potty break. my sister immediately takes off, as she does, to patrol the edge of the yard at full speed. she races out lickety-split and finds a rabbit, not uncommon in our neighborhood where the rabbits breed like rabbits. she's part sight hound (probably greyhound) and loves to chase anything that moves so she tears around at full speed, while the rabbit dodges and weaves and evades her. now, i'm part herding dog so i understand something important--angles. it's not how fast or far you run, it's how well you out-think your opponent (in my cases usually other dogs, geese, or ducks), anticipate where they will run, and cut them off. while ethel spazzes her way around the yard, overrunning the rabbit, i immediately take the right angle and pin it between with just inches between me and the fence. then, with rabbit meat close enough for me to taste, i back off, letting him run off with me standing between peter rabbit and ethel, preventing him from becoming dinner. maybe i've been living too long with vegetarians or i'm going soft in my old age. or maybe i've just figured out that a full bowl of dog food is easier. to the smart dog goes the spoils. my dogitarianism (superior to humanitarianism) will surely be rewarded with fine snacks from my vegetarian mawma this evening.


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