Wednesday, May 17, 2006

anti-pesto, take two

second run-in with a rabbit today. this time i had him IN my mouth and let him go when he squealed. he bolted out of my yard. my sister was close on his heels (but not out of the yard). it was a close call, nearly killed my vegetable-munching mawma. she is concerned i may not remain a non-violent form of pest control. but i watched wallace & gromit: the curse of the ware-rabbit. those suckers can get BIG. i don't want a big one coming in and stealing my baby carrots, bananas, and wasabi peas.

still, no one got shot in the face. you naked apes sure aren't particularly good sportsmen needing guns to hunt when i can catch my prey with nothing but my wits and my (almost) toothless mouth. seriously, dick cheney you suck. at life and at hunting.


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