Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Tag: What I love about DWB

I got tagged by the girls of The Corgi Lounge to share my five favorite things about Dogs With Blogs. I've been having a hard time with this tag because how do you pick just five?????? But I will try.

1. Red Hot Ladies!

Where else can you go where all the bitches are beautiful, smart and fun???

Including but not limited to The Divine Samantha:

Sophina La Flirtador, she'll steal your heart and your tennis ball:

And the awesome Corgi Lounge girls! It's their world, we're just living in it:

2. Totally Studly Dudes

Oh MAN do I love my Bussie kisses.

And, of course, the Goober Smooches.

And Look! Naked Ike!

3. The Recipe Box!

I love to read about my friends' foodables and then sometimes my ma ape sees recipes and she decides to try 'em out and I get tasty tasty new foodables! Like Nanook (Frosty) Paws, the many foodables of The Dogs of Jackman Ave, the raw stylings of Miss Sunshade and the mad good cookery of Suki's ma.

4. Having vast influence on the English Language.

Thanks to DWB I have learned about roaching. And I, in turn, have led unsuspecting apes to refer to "Wallymelon" in public and have taught dogs the wonders of foodables.

5. Guilt trippin' the ma ape.

I love to hear about how all my friends are being spoiled so that I can show my granny that I am NOT in fact spoiled. I don't get fancy duds like Lorenza.

I am not the only stuffy slayer:

And I don't even get to go to pug playdates like Suki! (I think that one with the tongue is related to my sissy.)

6. This as an extra special bonus reason. In a world where the naked apes have bungled their power and opposable thumbs, it's nice to know that some of them out there are a-ok.

Who should I tag? Hmmm...maybe Bussie, he of the chat organizing, Suki Sumo of the foodables, My Girl Friday Samantha, and my gal up north (of me) Maggie!

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Blogger Ruby Bleu said...

OMD Wally how hard is that tag...there are so many pawsome things about DWB!!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

12:37 PM  
Blogger Balboa said...

What an awesome tag but a hard one, but you did a good job.

Frenchie Snorts

1:07 PM  
Blogger The Brat Pack said...

Great post!! OK, I'm going for it and will post mine too.


1:09 PM  
Blogger Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Hey, Wally! Great minds think alike! We called Stanley the Goober on the Roof. Guess it should have been the Goober on the Woof.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Joe Stains said...

what a great post, there is no way in heck you are spoiled!

I need to go check out those cute corgis!

2:34 PM  
Blogger Molly the Airedale said...

Thanks for tagging us, Wally! That was a great post and we had a ball coming up with 5 things too - but we could have gone on and on!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

5:00 PM  
Blogger Lorenza said...

Hi, Wally
Good job!
I don't know any other way to live than being spoiled! Don't worry. They are envy!!!
Have a nice day

5:02 PM  
Blogger Stanley said...


You are such a well-spoken and tactful dog. Interesting to see which five you zoned in on, but you're right, this could be the world's longest post. DWB's RULES!

So glad I made the cut in your post. I'm blushing with goober pride.

Goob love & extra wet smooches to ya, buddy!

5:24 PM  
Blogger the Corgi Girls said...

Aw shucks Walster, you made us blush! We love your top 5, well done 'ole chap, the pictures make the blog, BOL! (And you are absolutely not spoiled... but we would enjoy seeing you in a cute (although something more, shall we say, manly) outfit like Loreza!)

Kudos friend!
M & I

7:52 PM  
Blogger Agatha and Archie said...

Wally,What a lovely post!! Which brings us to a question we have been meaning to ask for awhile...Why is it called roaching??? Love A+A

8:35 PM  
Blogger Frasier said...

You are right on target with the wallymelon!!
people think mommy has a bad lisp

10:18 PM  
Blogger Emily and Ike said...

Whoa - so much naked me! I hope the ladies can deal with it. You have the most awesome reasons for loving DWB!

10:55 PM  
Blogger Sophie Brador said...

Ah Wally, I'm so thrilled to make your list. And of course you are in the band.... you are that good! Glad to hear you are embracing the punkness of it all. I knew on could count on you. No safety pins, though. Too passé. Besides, do they still make those things?

11:39 PM  
Blogger Em said...

Excellent post!! And you're right, you have passed on words like foodable and pizzable... and Wallymelon...

3:28 AM  
Blogger Amber-Mae said...

Interesting tag game & great post Wally! I've learned quite a number of word from you.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

3:58 AM  
Blogger Suki & Joey said...

Oh, man, Wally, you would LOVE my puggy meetups! We're such a crazy bunch, I know you'd fit in ;)

Great job on the tag...those are all great things about DWB!

Puggy kisses

1:40 PM  
Blogger Tadpole said...

Yes, yes. My girl is TERRIFIED of saying something like "wallymelon" at the grocery store, or "pawties" when she's talking to her friends. And "chewing on a compressed bull penis" is up on that list too....

8:23 PM  
Blogger Deanna said...

Great post!

3:31 PM  

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