Monday, July 17, 2006

blues and le bleus

many thanks to those who sent me condolences for my team's loss in the world cup. i think i am now recovered from my hangover. and the headaches stemming from practicing my headbutts. seriously, zidane stole my move. see, i'm missing a fair number of my teeth so i have to work with what assets i have. namely, the element of surprise (no one suspects the little short legged dog will be the bully) and my big, solid head, perfect for knocking dogs (especially neapolitan mastiffs, spinone italianos and italian greyhounds) off their feet. also, i too am a little sensitive about my mawma. so zizou definitely deserved the golden ball in my eyes. mawma's boys with hot tempers rule!

but thanks to well-wishers commenting on my blog and hoping i am not succumbing to the blues. i will soon have updates including some about some new friends i made in the blogosphere. dogblogging kicks myspace's butt any day!


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