Tuesday, June 13, 2006

beware the bears

scientists have discovered that polar bears have turned to cannibalism, quite possibly because of changes in their feeding environment at the poles caused by global climate change:

Deborah Williams of Alaska Conservation Solutions, a group aimed at pursuing solutions for climate change, said the study represents the "bloody fingerprints" of global warming.

"This is not a Coca-Cola commercial," she said, referring to animated polar bears used in advertising for the soft drink giant. "This represents the brutal downside of global warming."

why does nature always have to suffer for your (naked apes') stupidity? i'd rather read a story that rampaging bears took over a mall in north jersey, crushed the hummers in the parking lot, poured out all the coca-cola, and enslaved the mallies, forcing them to sell honey and pic-i-nic baskets. though, stephen colbert must be delighted by this news--the bears are turning on each other.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think what is happening with global warming is affecting alot, but mostly the poor polar bears. the worse global warming gets, the more harder it will be for them to eat which will cause more issues for females due to not being able to give birth. i think we need to try and help the best we can!

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