Wednesday, June 07, 2006

world cup & canines

now that my friend frodo is here and the world cup is looming, we're making wagers. i'm more of a real football fan but my sister ethel is a bit of a field about that other kind of football, as you can see. as per usual, my lack of knowledge does not stop me from formulating very strong opinions on the matter, in particular since sports and politics and irrational passions all come together in a nice package. here are our rooting interests:

ethel's team: france (her favorite, belgium, didn't qualify and she told me to type: "anybody but those snooty germans who think their shepherds are better than everyone else's. the brazilians sure have nice elegant footwork like me, though. but since when did they make it a rule you can't bite the ball? cuz i want to bite it.")

her pick to win: france

frodo's team: england (he's becoming a good future canadian and is obedient to the queen)

his pick: netherlands (as a good canadian, he knows he's unlikely to win)

mr. jay's team: u.s.a. (he's a gun-totin' patriot at heart)

his pick: brazil or france (because he's a cheese eating surrender monkey too)

and, you've been waiting for it:

wally's team: my team (wales) didn't qualify, nor did my friends the irish or the scottish (we all hate the goddamn british!) so I'll root for the underdogs--the ivory coast (also, they have pretty uniforms).

my pick: france or germany (on behalf of my corgi cousins--eat it limey bastards!)


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