Friday, June 02, 2006

deutsche dogge

my granny sent me this picture of a handsome german dog from her trip to deutschland. love of short-legged slightly chubby dogs is universal. i imagine my german brethren would welcome me with open paws, if their legs were long enough to open.

speaking of german hospitality, i also read a funny story in today's new york times about rude british soccer fans. their fellow brits are afraid they might be naughty at the world cup with chants like "two world wars one world cup." i'm not sure being better at war than soccer (last world cup--1966) is anything to be proud of. unless you take after your chimp cousins (see below).

i'm not sure why everyone is getting so worked up. it's not like it's real football. (wally 1, soccer-loving weirdos 0).


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