Tuesday, June 20, 2006

wally wally ueber alles!

i'm getting ready for a little hooliganism following today's england-sweden match (me being the hooligan). i am rooting for sweden for two reasons. one being my undying devotion to my auntie ira which she earned by feeding me pastrami. i know she is really russian but the russkies stink at soccer. second, i hate those limey bastards. they have rudely usurped my people (the corgis) and made them into the symbol of their monarchy. dis-gus-ting. oh, and that british empire thing. also, they cheated against trinidad and tobago. (it involved hair pulling and the impossibly bendy peter crouch. see the video here.) it should come as no surprise that they are cheaters (the limey bastards) and they're still bitching about a match lost to argentina 20 years ago. look, you got the damned falklands. let my people go.


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