Tuesday, June 20, 2006

beagles in the news

enough about naked apes and their games--i have dog news, much of it beagle related!

first, congratulations to belle the beagle who called 911 when her owner had a diabetic seizure. thank you for proving once again that we are indispensible to you naked apes while you apes are mostly good for getting the dog food out of the bottom of the bin when the level is too low for me to reach.

A 17-pound beagle named Belle is more than man's best friend. She's a lifesaver. Belle was in Washington, D.C., on Monday to receive an award for biting onto owner Kevin Weaver's cell phone to call 911 after the diabetic Ocoee man had a seizure and collapsed [...]
The dog periodically licks Weaver's nose to take her own reading of his blood-sugar level. If something seems off to her, she will paw and whine at him. "Every time she paws at me like that I grab my meter and test myself," Weaver said. "She's never been wrong."

also congratulations to willie, the devastatingly handsome bagel mix who has found his very own naked ape (send me a picture, willy!). nice name. i like how it sounds like wally but you don't quite steal my thunder. well done. be sure to use those sad eyes to get plenty of belly rubs and snacks.


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