Tuesday, July 18, 2006

can't the un stop this sh*t?

when not engaging in diplomacy via expletive, it appears el presidente is busy molesting world leaders. isn't this what the germans breed german shepherds and rottenweilers for? get yourself a watchdog, angela.

speaking of which, where did this guy learn his manners? on film talking with his mouth full of food and swearing to tony blair, then giving a non-consensual backrub? seriously, we dogs have better comportment--and we spend a fair amount of time sniffing each others' butts!

in other news (the real news?), dog trainers will often tell you that bad behavior is a sign or manifestation of other kinds of problems. like sudden aggression might be a sign of physical pain. i'm worried that the president might be suffering from a severe brain tumor that leads to a dramatic oversimplification and misunderstanding of the world. what kind of diplomatic genius imagines that pressuring syria will solve the problems of the middle east? how come no one thought of this before?


Blogger Clio said...

Nice to know there's a sensible liberal dog out there. My basenjador would enjoy your company.
By the way, I have met a yellow corgador who is very sweet, but not as pretty as you!

10:26 AM  

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