Monday, July 17, 2006

le tour (pardon my french)

now that footie season is over i have been trying to find other sporting pursuits to fill my time in between my beauty rest and dinner time (not that that is not a complete schedule). i tried baseball but when the cubs gave up 11 runs in the 6th inning, i could not go on. (i'm still available as the rally wally to perform between innings! call me!)

so it's back to france and le tour where the 12 riders who are not embroiled in doping scandals or injured in are still going strong. without lance armstrong it is a considerably more chaotic and interesting race which is good for me since my days can get predictable (walk. breakfast. nap. bark at pug. nap. bark at lab mixes. try to counter surf. nap. try to steal ethel's snacks. nap. nap. dinner. nap. bedtime). also, lance armstrong can be kind of a jerk. he's made some veiled threats at his former teammate floyd landis and insulted les bleus (saying they tested positive for asshole).

good thing they weren't testing for that when you were racing, eh?


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