Tuesday, April 09, 2013

New Brudder?

Heyyyyy.  Happier news guys!  Look!  We got a new brudder!  This is Mr. Alistair P. Sloppysocks! He is an English Cocker Spaniel.

He is also a prize winning ballroom dancer!

And a master sharkface-ateer!

But then...ma ape lost him! Did Oscar swallow him? Did Ed have one too many humpings? Did he trip over his socks and fall into a hole?  NO!  He got ADOPTERATED!  Yes, our ma ape was a SUCCESSFUL FOSTER APE! There's a first time foster non-fail in everyone, even our ape. We loved Alistair. He was a goofus and OBST liked the shark face and Ed...learned what it is to be humped. But ma ape found him a home in MASTERCHEWSITS near Dexter the WonderLab, Nordude the Frogster, and Tula Monstah!  (Thanks to Free to Be! for helping us to find a forever home!)

Before he left we made him a movie! Party cocker in the hoooooouse tonight! (Yes, that's Otis in there) Congrats Mr. Sloppysocks!  He found a great home with a great person who loves him so much. That's livin!  But then....who is this?

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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Back to Blog Sad News

Our ape screwed up again.  She vowed to blog more often because a) we only blogged when sad things happened and b) we are awesome and c) obvis the world is craving more US. But she did not.  And then she could not bring herself to help us blog our really sad news.  So I (Ed) am going to help her stop up and do her job because we need to share our news--and we have good and bad news--and get back in the bloggy game!

The very, very sad news is that just before the new year we lost our heart and soul, Mr. Otis T. Potus.   He started feeling a bit poorly in mid-December and we learned he had prostate cancer (ma ape wants to blog about that later because she would like to share all the info she learned).  He got very poorly quickly and we had to say goodbye. Look at these handsome devils together!

I was especially sad because he was my best friend and I enjoyed accommodating his many requests for regular humpty dances.

Much to his delight!

 I wanted to share with you what a very special guy he was.

OtP came to live with the sheppys in March of 2010 after their buddy Wally died.  You can read about his arrival here!  He had been a long-timer at the SPCA as a part of a cruelty investigation and had been there for almost 6 months when he was adopted in January of 2010 but then he was brought back on a day ma ape happened to stop by the SPCA and the rest is history! Here he is on his first day home when the sheppys were concerned ma ape had come home with a particularly stinky boar!


He was an older chap who had lived a harrrrd life but he didn't hold a grudge.  He never met a stranger, human or doggy, especially his FAVORITE brudder.

He was a busy dog with many hobbies that included gardening (eating hostas), being a gourmand (nomming everything, especially wallymelon), power nappping (snores not optional), and was an inveterate fashionista, singlehandedly redeeming the sweatervest from Rick Santorum (see above). And he was the best ambassadog for pitties he could possibly be.

He was a dog for the ages and we can't believe he wasn't even with us for 3 years.  It seemed like he was always here and it is hard to believe he is gone. We miss our favorite time together, relaxing coffee with milks on Sunday mornings.

We stopped blogging because we couldn't bear to say goodbye to our Otis but one of the best things about blogging is being able to have a record of our memories and share them with others.  And it is not fair of us to not share our magnificent selves with the Internets!  Otis would want us to carry on, just like he always did.  So vests on, tongues out, we have more blogging to do!

And more news.  Last month we lost our bestie Sophie. She was one of our first bloggy friends AND our only friend we met in real life!  We wanted to remember her and Otis together when he was a PERFECT GENTLEMAN.  *cough* Can you EVEN imagine such rude humping?  We like to think of you guys chillaxing with Mr. Wally.

Goodnight, sweet Otis and Sophie.  

And next time we will have some happy news for you.  Preview:

DERP! Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sad Times

We hate to be the bearers of bad news but we lost one of our best friends.  Jackson was our real world friend who lived with our friends over at Lucky Skies. All of us but Otis met him in real life and he was  everything an old dog should be, a happy go lucky old dude happy to watch the kids swirl around him while he just lapped up life.

You know he was tolerant because he took a liking to our brudder Oscar.

A very intense liking!

He even tolerated the Ginger Snap!

And he was good friends with Wally who didn't always take to new dogs.

Just two old dudes just passing the time.

We'll miss you, Jackson, especially our ma ape who thought you were the bee's knees with a big heart and a gentle, socially-awkward soul. 


We can see you now, old friend, shootin' the shit with Wally, complaining about the whippersnappers, and listening to ABBA.    Please visit Jackson's family.  They need some bucking up.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ed's Big Day Out

My humpy, growling, terrorizing little brudder Ed got invited for a playdate (NO FAIR) with mini Peppy Sheppy Windsor.  Ed is a MONSTER at home but a meek lil' flower out and about and I laughed and laughed watching him get his in this video! But it is NO FAIR he got to play with my buds Tuchuck, Narra, and Rousseau.  Otis wanted to hang out with old man Jackson, the elderly gent in this video.  Next time WE GET TO GO.  Now watch Ed--turnabout is fair play lil' humpy machine!  -OBST.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


This is an action film. Be certain you are seated in a secure spot before you begin watching cuz we are about to blow you away.

Or something.  (Please be patient, we are learning our camera!)

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Lights, Camera, Action!

We have a NEW CAMERA which is quite exciterating.  It is a GoPro, designed for hands-free use.  Our ape thought maybe it would allow her to film and interact with us. She is still learning how to use it. It doesn't have a screen so it's hard to see what you're filming which is a new experience for the ape.  The biggest problem, as you will see, has been keeping it out of Otis's mouth. He loves tasting the ol' GoPro. The other problem, as you will see, is our daredevil stunts. Hehe. Ed can tell you about it.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

We're back, baby!

Ever since she got her dumb iBone, our ape has been too busy taking duckface photos of herself and watching YouTube parodies of Call Me Maybe to update out blog. Plus, it is easier to just post photos of us on our Tumblr and instagram (as the dogpocalypse, fyi!) We are determined to get back in the game, especially with Super Skilz Sunday, a joint venture with Moose, Ruger Blue & others. She has promised to teach one of something new as well as update more about our regular doings. We thought we would begin with a reintroduction to US including a catalog of our mad skillz:

Name: Ethel Jean
Age: 8-9ish
Member of the Dogpocalypse since: 2005
Nicknames: fetching queen, skinny mini, sissy, that lady
Favorites: tennis balls, meditation, me time, meats, quiet time in my crate, walks
Tricks: sit, stay, recall, high five; did basic obedience classes

Name: Oscar Bean
Age: 5
Member of the Dogpocalypse since: 2008
Nicknames: Bean Man, string bean, super teen, shaggy dog, dire wolf
Favorites: foodables, my box, granNE, shark face, walks, more granNE
Tricks: sit, stay, down, high five, usual recall, up (hug); flunked out of obedience class (too reactive)

Name: Otis T Potus
Age: Unknown (10ish?)
Member since: 2009  2010!
Nicknames: The Potus, Potemaster 5000, Otie, stripey boo
Favorites: anything edible (something not) especially fruits & veg, wallymelon, dancing, naps, snoring, meeting new people & dogs, hostas, the vet
Tricks: sit, moderately reliable recall (has bad joints, can't do anything physically taxing)

Name: Edgrr Bastatdo Poopacabra
Nicknames: Ed, Ginger Snap, Napoleon, StopItEdgrr, little man, stinky Bo binky, Honey Badger
Age: 3ish
Member since: 2010
Favorites: humping, shark face, bossiness, all foods, ice cream, zoomies, meeting new dogs
Tricks: sit, stay, recall

Friday, January 06, 2012

A Cracker Dog Crew

We have been lazy about posterating but we are inspired to post something NEW:  MANGOMINSTER 2012!  We have a COLLECTIVE entry for the CRACKER CRITTERS category.  If you read our blog you probably suspect the guilty party is EDGRR who constantly has his chompers out and is always shouting.  Or maybe Oscar Bean, Super Teen who is the screamiest sheppy in town.  NO!  We have a secret cracker dog in our house: OTIS T. POTUS.  You might thing: he is too old to be a crackerdog.  You would be wrong.  We submit for your pleasure a short video with evidence. While Otis may not have the speed, agilities, or jumping abilities of other cracker dogs, what he does have is dogged determination in the face of resistance. BEHOLD!

As you can see, Otis is the leader of a crackerdog crew, master of ignoring the ma ape, doing what he wants, and nommin' on what he pleases!

For an old man, Otis holds his own at SHARKFACE.

And he likes to get into bed and steal the pillows (and all the space.) Otis is entering this category to represent for the OLDS who can still be cracker dogs!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Losing a Friend

We have not blogged in a very long time except on our tumblr and we wish we were not brought back by sad news. We were sad yesterday to learn that our friend Sam has crossed the Bridge.  

Sam was one of our first blogging friends--she has her own tag on our bloggy!--and she was Wally's #1 girlfriend.  As you can see, they had a lot in common.

Plus, while neither of them was the biggest dog in their packs in body, they were still the biggest dogs in their pack, if you know what we mean.  

Sam's person shared what Sam had for her last meal:  a 4-egg cheese omelet, 8 strips of turkey bacon, a chicken breast, several pieces of beef jerky, a heap of liver treats and an entire container of Cool Whip.  That's our girl! Never live life halfway!  

Thanks for being our friend, Sam.  We miss you.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Burpday to our favorite GranNE!

It must be a sad day for her GranNE that it is her burpday and she cannot spend it with her ALL TIME FAVORITE!

ME!  I love my GranNE SO MUCH.    We got her some good stuff.  First, Otis got out his sweater vest and corn cob to root for the CORNHUSKERS!

And then we ordered up a super duper exciting Nebraska game!  They came back from 21 points behind to beat those Buckeyes!  Hooray!  We thought we should keep your heart pumping vigorously with excitement.

The secret weapon was COACH OTIS who was teaching the Cornhuskers how to protect the ball!

So here we are all wishing you a BIG happy burpday, GranNE!

 Ethel Jean wanted to pose with the pretty trees in the background since you like plants.

Otis and I are doing some coordinated Doga Poses (Forward Facing Dog, With Tongues)

I am going to chomp Ed for you because he is so annoying.

And here are some great memories from your visit when we helped you so much while you fixed our yard.

Here is a fine short film for your burpday:

Have a great day GranNE! We'll celebrate when you come to landscape our yard visit us again!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One Word Wednesday


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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tragedy Tuesday

Well, this was an unexpected turn of events.  Our ape got out the furminator and she brushed and brushed and brushed Ethel.  And it turns out, underneath the mounds and mounds of fur....NOTHING!

Ed and I bravely combed through the mounds of floof.  Nada.

Alas, poor Ethel, we brushed her (too) well.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Otis Dances For Dollars!

Last weekend was a big weekend for us! It was the Delaware SPCA Open House! They were celebrating their makeover.  About 5 years ago they got new management that increased their adoption rate to almost 90%! Before not so many dogs made it out. And they would be put to sleeps if they 1) were sick or 2) were old  or 3) were pitbulls. I WAS ALL THREE!  Thank you new SPCA!  (That's thanks from the rest of the world who is so stoked to still have me in it, of course!)  

So I put on my money vest and I went to their Open House to Dance for Dollars.

I got lots of love and attentions from the adults and the kids. I took a fiver right out of one lady's hand. I was afraid she was going to try to put it in my g-string.

I raised big monies with my hot sexy bod.

And I met this lady, Priscilla!  I first thought maybe she could be the FLOTUS.

But, um, she was a bit too interested in some bits of me and tried to put babies in me!  Oh my!

We also met this little lady.

She's tuff! She takes candy from babies!

This is Annie, aka Rocks-Anne, she belongs to one of the Animal Control Officers and she is the pet-scot of the Wilmington Blue Rocks baseballs team!  Hubba hubba!

And here is Binks! He's at the SPCA and he's showing off his mad tricks with volunteer Janice who walks dogs all of the times and she especially loves the pibbles who have been there a long time.

I also met Mr. Titan who, like Priscilly, was a bit obsessed with my hind end.  I must have mad pheromones!

Rocks-Anne was especially fond of this cocker spaniel who was not certain what to make of his 8 month old, 80 lb girlfriend.

Do you recognize that equipment from SPCA Saturdays?  Yah, it's in the SPCA yard and they let dogs play off leash.  They did a fine job of teaching those young ladies some agilities!

Naked apes are not the smarterest but you can teach them a few tricks.

When I got most tired (of not eating hot dogs) I went home and Edgrr B. Poopacabra came!  He was proud of himself for not barfing in the car like usual.  Aim high, little dude.

And he met Ray who is a mighty nice feller who has been at the SPCA too long. Ed was not a successful fundraiser as he does not like new peoples and only warmed up when he saw a shepherd in the crowd!  Philanthropy fail.  So he stayed until the end pretending he is a meek, sweet lil' slip of a thing until it was time to go home.

Unfortch, he is a bit of a backseat driver but he safely guided the apes home to watch NEBRASKA BEAT THE WASHINGTON HUSKIES in the footballs (no actual Huskies were harmed in the trouncing by the BIG RED). 

I can't wait for my next chancertunity to do some more charity!  Especially if there are more hot dogs involved.  And if you want to put some bills in my virtual g-string you can donate at the SPCA's website!

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