Tuesday, January 09, 2007

for your consideration....

here's today's corgador, ready for adoption! but, you say, this is a boo-dog in a bathtub! technically, yes, but he is an honorary corgador for today. why? because he needs a new home and his description on petfinder made my mawma all teary. (i didn't ask why she was looking on petfinder--and at boodogs--but she is a bit of a slut and will fall in love with any dog no matter how weird looking). so, some nice lady (he doesn't like boys) needs to adopt him:

Bubba is a 5 year old male bulldog in great health. Unfortunately, he has not had a very great life. He is fearful of men and can only be placed in an all-female household (no exceptions). We can only speculate what has happened to him since he can't speak english (how we wish he could)! We know he was tied to a porch for some time and he does not like being tied up or restrained. He is very good on a leash however. We also know that he has been in few homes in his lifetime, so we want his next home to be the last. Bubba is very sweet, loving and affectionate but has shown signs of fear aggression when being reprimanded by men. He is going to need a very dedicated and loving new home that is willing to work with an animal behaviorist to ensure that he and his new owner can understand each other's communications. He needs someone with time and patience who is willing to grow the bonds of love and trust. He needs to be secure in knowing that he will not be hurt again. He gets along with other animals just fine, but we prefer he be the only dog in the home. He also seems to like children, but because of the fact that he needs to be handled with care, he will not be placed in a home with children. He has a lot to offer - he gives kisses and hugs, and is learning to play with toys. He LOVES to go in the car for trips to the pet store or the park. He's very physically fit and active (you might think he's much younger than 5). Do you have the home this sweet boy needs? A forever home? If so, please fill out an application and learn about our rescue group at heavensentbulldogrescue.com. Bubba's adoption will be limited to the NJ/PA/NY area. Please visit http://www.heavensentbulldogrescue.com to complete an application, and send it to us at hsrescue@aol.com.

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Petfinder.com is porn for women.

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