Monday, January 08, 2007

i *heart* football

it was a GREAT weekend for wally. i went to the p-a-r-k TWO days in a row. and it was so hot on saturday that i overheated! so, i've started blowing my winter coat. big black tufts are coming out. mawma tells me it's too early to get out my spring wardrobe but i'm darned hot! 70 degrees in january!

and my football teams did great--seahawks AND eagles won and i got a BONE during the eagles game (pictures to come). both were decided by a field goal so there was lots of shouting and obnoxious behavior in our house this weekend. my friend rene came to watch the beagles and he brought us bully sticks even though i growled at him for getting on MY couch.

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Blogger Marvin The Dog said...

Hi Wally! So pleased you got to the park and the footy!

In answer to your query on my Blog about Pit Bull legislation in the goes!

Ownership of Pit Bull Terriers is banned in the UK totally, but Staffys are ok and allowed to be owned. Two of my best pals are staffies, one is called Harvey and the other one is called Little Black Dog With Large Stick in her mouth, as Jeannie can never remember her name!!

love and licks Marvin
ps we used to have to be licensed in the UK for any dog ownership but that went years and years ago.

We think a Dog Licence should be brought back personally, with certain conditions such as ensuring dogs are trained properly and cared for in the correct way.

Maybe this would help the problems we get! Who knows though!

love and licks Marvin xx

8:33 AM  

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